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Social inclusion for vibrant fisheries communities: Jūrmala, 21-23 March 2017


FARNET's fourth transnational seminar of the 2014-2020 programming period took place on 21-23 March 2017 in Jūrmala, Latvia, at the initiative of the European Commission, and with the support of the Latvian Ministry of Agriculture and the Laukiem and Jūrai FLAG.

The theme of the event was Social inclusion for vibrant fisheries communities and was designed to help FLAGs:
• Promote and integrate social inclusion in their local development strategies, in particular providing better support to women and the local youth and a special focus on the unemployed;
• Share experiences on how FLAGs can cooperate with relevant stakeholder organisations active in the social integration of marginalised groups in their areas, including migrants and refugees;
• Better engage with the local fisheries sector to address the socio-economic impact of the CFP reform and other challenges for the small-scale fisheries sector, with regards to its ageing population and training needs.

The seminar provided a framework for discussions and practical exercises based on successful cases from the EFF/EMFF, additional EU funding instruments, as well as further initiatives aimed at social inclusion. These themes were therefore addressed through a series of presentations on good practices, working group discussions and a field visit.


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 Day 1: Tuesday, 21 March

From 16:00

 Cooperation clinics for participants progressing towards projects 


 Warm-up activity and networking dinner at the conference venue

Day 2: Wednesday, 22 March


 Introductory plenary session


 Working groups – round 1

 Participants attended one of the following parallel sessions:


 Social inclusion projects and funding fair


 Working groups – round 2


 Dinner in the “Small Guild Hall” in Riga, courtesy of the Latvian Ministry of Agriculture

Day 3: Thursday, 23 March


 Mini plenary panel discussions – round 1

 Social inclusion in terms of development potential for a FLAG area

 Participants attended one of the following 3 parallel panel discussions:


 Mini plenary panel discussions – round 2


 Closing session

  • Expert Sounding Board
  • Messages to take home


 Field Trip to projects in the area of the Laukiem Jurai FLAG

 Also available in: ES, FR, IT

 Participants visited a series of local projects linked to the seminar topic in the local FLAG area





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