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Community-led Local Development (CLLD): EU funding from the bottom-up

A workshop led by the Committee of the Regions’ NAT Commission secretariat and the FARNET Support Unit during the European Days of Cities and Regions (8-10 October)

Organised jointly by the Committee of the Regions’ NAT Commission secretariat and the FARNET Support Unit, this workshop will give participants an introduction to Community-led Local Development (CLLD), currently funded under all four European Structural and Investment Funds.

When: 10 October at 9.30 AM followed by a networking event

The session will give an overview of:

  • How CLLD works and why it is interesting for different regions and municipalities;
  • The opportunities to combine CLLD funding from more than one Fund;
  • The added value of using this bottom-up approach to local development;
  • The types of projects funded with CLLD by Local Action Groups from the different funds.

Participants will engage in an interactive workshop with Rosa Quintana Carballo on the role of Fisheries Local Action Groups in the sustainable development of fisheries areas and implementing the Common Fisheries Policy; Eric Andrieu on LEADER and CLLD as instruments for rural development and the Cohesion Policy; Paul Soto will draw on his wide local development expertise regarding making effective partnerships in rural, coastal and urban areas; and Marjo Tolvanen on  combining territorial differences and sectoral approaches in a practical way.

Following this discussion on the benefits of using a bottom-up approach to local development in fisheries, rural and urban areas, more practical examples will be provided by LAGs and showcased during the networking event (11.30 - 12.30) where participants will have the opportunity to discuss and exchange with CLLD practitioners.

See the #EURegionsWeek 2018 trailer, browse through the programme and register online!


Rosa Quintana Carballo, Ministry of the Sea of the Xunta de Galicia (Spain)

Rosa has been the Galician government's Minister of the Sea for many years and had joined the Galician Ministry of Fisheries, Shellfish and Aquaculture in 1987. Fisheries Community-led Local Develoment was in fact introduced with the period 2007-2013 under her political responsibility. Doctor in biology, she has served numerous positions, such as Head of Fishing Inspection, Head of the Shellfish Service and Territorial Delegate in Vigo.


Eric Andrieu, Member of the European Parliament

Eric is a French Member of the European Parliament and currently member of the Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development and Chairman of the Newly Created Pesticides Committee (PEST). Agronomist, he has held various positions in his regional and local administration. He was director of a LEADER LAG in southern France and chair of the National Union of Local Development Specialists and Organisations. He has therefore always closely followed the support to local development by the European Funds.


Paul Soto, ENRD Contact Point and FARNET Support Unit

Paul is a Senior Policy Expert of the ENRD Contact Point. He used to be Team Leader of the FARNET Support Unit and was previously involved in the LEADER Observatories and URBACT. He was co-author of the EC Guidance on CLLD  and was the manager of a LEADER local action group in Spain during LEADER I and II.


Marjo Tolvanen, South Finland LEADER Fisheries Local Action Group

Marjo is the Director of South Finland Local Action Group (LAG), founded as a LEADER group in 2000 and which now is a LEADER LAG as well as a FLAG on parts of its territory. LEADER SEPRA also has experience with urban local development. Marjo has been involved in the process and the local development actions from the beginning.


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