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  • FARNET Magazine 17

    Reflections on the progress of community-led local development (CLLD) within EU Member States so far, and looking towards the future at transitions needed for the next programming period. Also featuring 40 diverse CLLD projects from across Europe that were showcased in at a large-scale multi-fund CLLD conference in December 2019.
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  • 18/02/2020
    The quality of delivery systems (the rules and procedures that define the tasks and roles of different stakeholders involved in implementing EU funded programmes) is a key factor for the success of CLLD. These systems put in place for selecting projects and delivering funding are fundamental in enabling local people to make a positive change in their areas. This guide aims to help national and regional authorities set up effective delivery systems for CLLD under EMFF that strengthen the bottom-up approach while ensuring transparency and accountability for EU funding. It presents tips, examples from Member State practice and tools to facilitate and speed up the process of selecting, approving, financing and implementing local projects.
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