Fisheries Areas Network


  • 15/12/2020
    This 2020 edition of the FARNET magazine takes a look at how FLAGs have been helping fisheries and aquaculture sectors deal with the current challenges posed by the COVID-19 coronavirus; some of the issues Mediterranean FLAGs have been working on; and the particularities of inland FLAGs. We share how fisheries CLLD is making an impact on the research community and shine a light on how one FLAG is preparing for the next programming period.
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  • 04/03/2021
    As FLAGs work on their local development strategies for the 2021-2027 period, many will focus on the ‘next step’ of CLLD implementation in their area, ensuring that good strategies transfer into meaningful action on the ground. Following on from the FARNET guide on ‘Forward-looking Strategies for Fisheries Areas’, this guide aims to help FLAGs transfer their strategies into projects which make a real difference to fisheries and coastal communities. Using the case study of five FLAGs across the EU, each chapter highlights how the FLAG has selected projects which contribute to its strategic objectives related to a particular theme. It projects tools for identifying quality and provides inspiration on the types of projects FLAGs may want to foster, as well as drawing lessons and tips from these examples regarding the conditions for a successful project.
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