Fisheries Areas Network


  • 25/10/2021
    In this last edition of the FARNET magazine, we take a look at how far fisheries and aquaculture CLLD supported by FLAGs has come since 2007. Two articles focus on resilience - how FLAGs and CLLD have contributed to making fisheries communities better able to withstand shocks and become more sustainable. We shine a light on the successes of cooperation in the Baltic region.
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  • 16/07/2021
    The single most important factor determining the success of a CLLD strategy is the skills and motivation of the FLAG team. The role of the FLAG is not limited to delivering grants; its value added depends above all on its capacity to mobilise and empower the local community to bring about positive change in the area. This practical handbook offers different tools for improving FLAG work and aims to build the capacity of FLAG employees and volunteers to fulfil the different tasks envisaged in the EU legislation.
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