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EcoExplorer, marine mammal observation in the Algarve

/fpfis/cms/farnet2/library/videos/axis-4-portugal-ecoexplorer-flag-barlavento_esAxis 4 in Portugal: EcoExplorer - FLAG Barlavento


André Dias, shares his life story and what drove him to create Wildwatch Algarve, offering tourists a magical experience with the marine wildlife of the region of Algarve, Portugal. You can find this project's Good Practice here.


Production of edible seaweed

/fpfis/cms/farnet2/library/videos/new-seaweed-products-axis-4-denmark-flag-bornholm-flag-small-islands-denmark_esNew seaweed products: Axis 4 in Denmark - FLAG Bornholm & FLAG Small Islands, Denmark


Threatened by depopulation and loss of business opportunities, these small Danish islands developed new innovative products with seaweed.  Martin Jorgensen and Soren Eseprson tell their story. You can find this project's Good Practice here.


How can we motivate the next generation of fishermen?

/fpfis/cms/farnet2/library/videos/axis-4-uk-training-next-generation-fishermen-axis-4-eff_esAxis 4 in UK: training the next generation of fishermen with Axis 4 of EFF


See how this fisherman training course changed the lives of these young men, securing their future and that of the industry's. The apprenticeship program was made possible thanks to Axis 4 funds in the North & West Cumbria FLAG.


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