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  • In this last edition of the FARNET magazine, we take a look at how far fisheries and aquaculture CLLD supported by FLAGs has come since 2007. Two articles focus on resilience - how FLAGs and CLLD have contributed to making fisheries communities better able to withstand shocks and become more sustainable. We shine a light on the successes of cooperation in the Baltic region.
  • This 2020 edition of the FARNET magazine takes a look at how FLAGs have been helping fisheries and aquaculture sectors deal with the current challenges posed by the COVID-19 coronavirus; some of the issues Mediterranean FLAGs have been working on; and the particularities of inland FLAGs. We share how fisheries CLLD is making an impact on the research community and shine a light on how one FLAG is preparing for the next programming period.
  • FARNET Magazine 17

    Reflections on the progress of community-led local development (CLLD) within EU Member States so far, and looking towards the future at transitions needed for the next programming period. Also featuring 40 diverse CLLD projects from across Europe that were showcased in at a large-scale multi-fund CLLD conference in December 2019.
  • Environment, Circular economy, Marine litter
    The sixteenth edition of the FARNET magazine explores sustainability, blue growth and the circular economy from a CLLD perspective. What have we learnt in the ten years since a CLLD approach was first introduced in fisheries areas under the EMFF? How can we position fisheries CLLD for the future? Is the circular economy key? These are just some of the questions addressed in this thought-provoking edition.
  • Aquaculture, Small-scale and coastal fisheries, Society and culture, Youth
    In this 2017 edition: support to small scale coastal fisheries, the challenge of generational renewal, FLAGs, local innovation and risk taking, cooperation takes off in CLLD fisheries areas, reports from Spain, Sweden and Germany
  • FARNET Magazine 14

    Adding value to fisheries, Migrants and refugees
    FARNET Magazine n° 14 - Autumn 2016
  • FARNET  Magazine 13 cover

    Environment, Climate change, Energy, Complementary funding, Integrated coastal management, Society and culture
    FARNET Magazine n° 13 - Winter 2015
  • Adding value to fisheries, Diversification, Environment, Society and culture
    Collection of FARNET Magazine published during the 2007-2013 programming period.