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FARNET Guide #15: Evaluating CLLD - Handbook for LAGs and FLAGs

This handbook is for LAGs and FLAGs funded from one or several of the four ESI Funds as well as external evaluators carrying out LAG evaluations. It aims to provide easy-to-use tools and methods, along with examples from different LAGs and FLAGs, that can serve as guidance and inspiration for evaluating CLLD.

Evaluation is a compulsory component of CLLD. However, the time spent evaluating and reflecting on a LAG’s contribution to its community is invaluable for a range of reasons:

  • Checking whether the LDS objectives are still relevant
  • Knowing if the LAG has achieved its original aims and objectives
  • Helping to critically reflect on how to improve the LAG’s activities and processes
  • Obtaining knowledge to demonstrate achievements

The learning that comes from assessing one’s work is fundamental to optimising the use of public funding and improving the potential of CLLD to bring tangible and positive change to local communities.

The handbook is organised into four chapters:

  1. Planning evaluation
  2. Data collection
  3. Evaluation methods
  4. Using the findings

It can be downloaded in multiple languages below.



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