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French FLAG helps launch a CLLD-type dynamic in Tunisia

A four-year project to bring participative local development to the Kerkennah islands, in Tunisia,has proved that CLLD can be a valuable tool beyond the shores of Europe.

Funded by ENPARD under the EU’s neighbourhood policy, the project, known as DEVLOK, has invested around €1.2M in these Tunisian fishing communities, diversifying the local economy and creating 47 new companies and 89 jobs. Projects funded have ranged from setting up different marine and eco-tourism activities, to supporting local aquaculture and circular economy initiatives, including around plastic waste. Three local coordinators were hired to drive the process on the ground and approximately €250,000 of private funds were mobilized in own cash contributions from the Tunisian entrepreneurs benefiting from the support. 

The role of the Mediterranean Pyrenees FLAG was considered fundamental by the lead partner, CIHEAM Montpellier, who pointed to their enthusiasm and ability to transmit their experience in community outreach, public-private dialogue and supporting local entrepreneurship. A series of study visits and exchanges took place as part of the project, resulting in the transfer of good practices and innovative business ideas in both directions. As the project comes to an end, CIHEAM Montpellier is exploring ways to secure the continuity of local development support in the Kerkennah islands, but also ways to transfer such an impactful development method to other communities south of the Mediterranean Sea. 

For further details, please contact: Jean-Paul Pellissier at pellissier@iamm.fr

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