Fisheries Areas Network


  • MPAs: under fishers' surveillance

    - Good Practice Project
    Avec le soutien du GALPA, des pêcheurs locaux participent à l’application des mesures de protection et à la lutte contre le braconnage dans la réserve marine de Cabo de Palos, la plus ancienne zone de pêche de la région. Le renforcement de la protection à l’intérieur de cette réserve a favorisé l’augmentation d’espèces endémiques.
  • A network for seafaring women

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    A cooperation project between two Catalan FLAGs has supported the creation of an association, which aims to increase the visibility of women from fishing and aquaculture and improve their ability to develop business projects that help diversify the sector.
  • A network for seafaring women

    - Good Practice Project
    Un projet mené en coopération par deux GALPA catalans a soutenu la création d’une association visant à améliorer la visibilité des femmes actives dans le secteur de la pêche et de l’aquaculture. Ce projet entend également renforcer leur capacité à mettre sur les rails des projets d’entreprise visant à diversifier le secteur.
  • Freeing maritime areas from poaching

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    Through cooperation between the island government and the FLAG, the fishing sector in la Gomera has been involved in the study, location and design of a protocol for the removal of traps used for illegal fishing.
  • ES - FLAG Cooperation in Spain

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    Cooperation is organised in different ways around Spain, depending on the region. In most regions, cooperation is organised at FLAG level, while in Galicia and Catalonia, calls for projects are organised by the regional authorities in charge of CLLD. These calls tend to be coordinated closely with the FLAGs in order to ensure they meet the needs on the ground.
  • Cooperation for supporting marine tourism businesses by fisheries families

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    The ‘Mar das Illas’ cooperation project sees three FLAGs in the Pontevedra province working together to support local fishers and families in their entrepreneurial efforts focused on marine and pesca-tourism.
  • Spain - 41 FLAGs - 125.6 M€

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    Spain is home to the biggest fishing industry in Europe and has a long tradition of maritime activities such as fishing and aquaculture, but also fish processing, tourism and marine sports. The 41 Spanish FLAGs aim to tackle the issues of unemployment and aging populations in the fisheries sector; environmental issues; and reconciling the presence of other, growing economic sectors with fisheries.
  • Cooperation for supporting marine tourism businesses by fisheries families

    - Good Practice Project
    Réunis au sein du projet de coopération « Mar das Illas », trois GALPA de la province de Pontevedra joignent leurs forces pour soutenir les pêcheurs locaux et leur famille dans leur démarche entrepreneuriale axée sur le tourisme maritime et le pescatourisme.
  • Mar das Illas cooperation project shows results of its third edition

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    The International Day of Marine Tourism and Pesca-tourism will take place on the 24th of September in the city of Pontevedra (Spain). On this day, the three FLAGs located in the Rías Baixas (Galicia) will present the results of the third edition of the Mar das Illas project, whose main objective is economic diversification through the promotion of marine tourism among fishers and their families.
  • Keeping fishing active and safe during the sanitary crisis

    - Good Practice Short Story
    COVID-19 paralysed many sectors of the economy in the Basque Country. Although the fisheries sector, like other food-producing sectors, was given priority during the pandemic, the lack of security and low-priced seafood could have forced many vessels and fishing organisations to stop working.