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  • Olt FLAG

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    The FLAG is located between the Danube and Olt rivers and benefits from various fishing and aquaculture resources that allow opportunities for activities such as tourism or sport fishing.
  • Galati FLAG

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    The FLAG is located in the southeast of Galati county. Apart from the Danube, the FLAG area also includes two main rivers, the Prut and the Siret, lakes and ponds. Fishing here is mainly small-scale and inland.
  • Teaching young people about fisheries

    - Good Practice Short Story
    One of the main needs identified by the Galati FLAG in their fisheries area was to strengthen the linkages between fishermen and the younger generation. Indeed, fishermen believed it important to ensure that traditional fishing know-how and their passion for the profession were passed on to the next generation.
  • Delta Dunarii (Danube) FLAG

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    The Danube Delta FLAG area comprises 25 administrative units and covers two contrasting geographical zones: the wetland of the Danube delta and the continental zone. The most valuable opportunities in the FLAG area include its significant tourist potential due to its traditional gastronomy and an impressive variety of beautiful natural and cultural landscapes.
  • Fishermen and municipality join forces to set up a local fish market

    - Good Practice Project
    En Olténie, les pêcheurs et la municipalité de Corabia ont travaillé ensemble pour améliorer les conditions de vente du poisson frais en créant un marché local dont bénéficient 170 pêcheurs.
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    Lessons from FARNET 1 (2007-2013)

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    The experience developed by FARNET under Axis 4 of the EFF (2007-2013) is still highly valuable for the current programming period, especially for new FLAGs.
  • Good Practice - Archive 2007-2013

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    This page leads to all the project examples published during the 2007-2013 programming period.