Fisheries Areas Network


  • Women in fisheries

    - Cooperation Idea
    In the context of the Blue Growth and the local development of the Chioggia and Delta Po area, Chioggia and Delta Po GAC FLAG intends to propose a European Cooperation Project focused on “Women in Fisheries”.
  • map of the nine Festival del Mare along Emilia-Romagna coast at Adriatic Sea

    Fish festivals strengthen ties between fishermen and the community

    - Good Practice Project
    Una serie di eventi mette in contatto pescatori e acquacoltori con i cittadini, aumentando la sensibilizzazione sui prodotti ittici, le tradizioni e l’habitat marino locali.
  • Collecting waste at river mouths

    - Cooperation Idea
    The Venetian FLAG is looking for partners in the context of INTERREG Alpine Space. Their project idea aims to protect the environment by reducing the amount of plastic that reaches the sea from rivers upstream.
  • Golfo di Termini Imerese FLAG

    - FLAG Factsheet
    Further information on this FLAG to follow.
  • Golfo degli Etruschi FLAG

    - FLAG Factsheet
    The FLAG is covered by three mainland municipalities (Follonica, Piombino and Scarlino) and one island (Isola di Capraia), and is situated in the northern Tyrrhenian coast of Italy. While traditional fisheries are still carried on by small fleets in the region, aquaculture has increased significantly over the last decade in terms of workers involved and impact on the economy.
  • Il Mare delle Alpi FLAG

    - FLAG Factsheet
    The FLAG territory includes part of the Italian Riviera known as the Riviera dei Fiori, which runs from Diano Marina to Ventimiglia.
  • Northern Tyrrhenian Sea FLAG

    - FLAG Factsheet
    The FLAG’s territory encompasses the coastline between Marina di Pisa and Marina di Carrara. Inland, the territory includes the regions of Lunigiana and Garfagnana which are predominantly mountainous and include Tuscany’s main aquaculture activities.
  • Mediterranean resource management and adding value

    - News
    Thanks to the collaboration between two FLAGs, French and Italian fishing and shellfish operators will be improving their capacity to adapt their activities to environmental and market trends, ensuring the economic viability of Mediterranean fisheries.
  • Crushed shells and 3D printing

    - Good Practice Short Story
    In Olbia, the northern area of Sardinia, the shells of mussels are no longer considered waste. With the help of the FLAG, local students and teachers are using crushed shells to create useful objects of all sorts, from moulds created by 3D printing.
  • Sea truffle farming

    - Good Practice Project
    Una cooperativa di pesca locale e un centro di ricerca varano con successo un progetto pilota di acquacoltura dei tartufi di mare, diversificando la produzione della zona.