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  • FISCHtival of cultures: a colourful and international event with food and music as bridges for the integration of migrants

    - Good Practice Short Story
    FISCHtival, the open air festival of concerts and food organized by the Tirschenreuth FLAG in the summer of 2015, had not expected to provide such a transformation to the local community. The initial idea behind the event was to promote the activities of the pond fishing association, which is responsible for the administration of the FLAG.
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    Lessons from FARNET 1 (2007-2013)

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    The experience developed by FARNET under Axis 4 of the EFF (2007-2013) is still highly valuable for the current programming period, especially for new FLAGs.
  • Germany - 29 FLAGs - 27.9 M€

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    Fishing has a strong tradition in the coastal regions and in some inland areas of Germany. CLLD in Germany aims to better take into account the multi-sectoral needs of fisheries areas (tourism, heritage, local products, etc.); to develop capacity and know-how; to simplify administrative procedures; and to promote networking with other regions and the sharing of information.
  • Good Practice - Archive 2007-2013

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    This page leads to all the project examples published during the 2007-2013 programming period.