Fisheries Areas Network


  • Finland - 10 FLAGs - 9.5 M€

    - Country Factsheet
    The 10 Finnish FLAGs focus on boosting and optimising activities throughout the entire value chain; promoting innovation across sectoral boundaries, creating new ways of thinking and doing business, while also ensuring the sustainable use of natural resources; and encouraging cooperation.
  • Promoting underused fish species and improving migrants´ integration

    - Good Practice Project
    El GALP de Ostrobotnia apoyó un proyecto por el que un grupo formado por miembros de la comunidad local y migrantes creó recetas innovadoras a partir de especies de pescado infrautilizadas. Como resultado del proyecto, ha aumentado el consumo de especies de pescado menos valoradas, y ha mejorado igualmente la interacción cultural de los migrantes y su integración.
  • Indoor aquaponics farm development

    - Good Practice Short Story
    A Finnish FLAG supported a research project to create a business model based on indoor aquaponic farming. This innovative concept reduces water use by 85% and produces both fish and vegetables with near zero-waste discharge.
  • Recruiting young people to train with experienced fishers

    - Good Practice Project
    El GALP de Laponia ha financiado un proyecto de contratación y formación de pescadores a fin de rejuvenecer el envejecido sector pesquero de la zona alrededor de los lagos de Lokka y Porttipahta. Como resultado de dicho proyecto, han empezado a faenar 14 pescadores jóvenes de ambos sexos.
  • Mobile App for reporting catch data

    - Good Practice Project
    The East Finland FLAG has supported the creation of a mobile app for Finnish inland fishers to register their catches. Developed by a University of Applied Sciences and introduced in May 2020, the tool will enhance catch-data collection and traceability along the fisheries value chain.
  • Seals and Cormorants in the Baltic: Addressing a common environmental challenge

    - Basic page
    A large-scale cooperation project between Baltic FLAGs has increased knowledge on the impact the growing seal and cormorant populations are having on small-scale coastal fisheries in the region. Through this cooperation project, FLAGs have developed solutions for achieving the balanced management of marine resources.
  • Private fish processor investing in the FLAGs

    - Good Practice Short Story
    With their “Thanks to the Fisherman” campaign, one of Finland’s biggest fish processors, aims to raise approximately €100 000 for the FLAGs to support their local fishermen
  • Seeking information about lampara nets and purse seines

    - Cooperation Idea
    Bothnian Sea and Lake Pyhajarvi FLAG is looking for other European FLAGs interested in sharing experience in using other types of  gear, which can respond to the dual challenges that seals and diminishing ice cover represent.  Experiences in the use of lampara nets and/or purse seines in coastal, and more specifically, shallow waters, under 20 metres in depth (mostly 5-12 metres) are of particular interest.
  • Minced fish from unwanted by-catch

    - Good Practice Short Story
    Local fishermen in Lapland, northern Finland, create a mincing facility to process unwanted by-catch into new marketable products such as fish fingers.
  • Umami processing methods add value to local fish

    - Good Practice Project
    Un pescador finlandés ha adoptado el método japonés de envejecimiento de pescado conocido como «umami», que ha llegado a atraer la atención de varios chefs con estrellas Michelín.