Fisheries Areas Network

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  • New funds for small-scale fisheries projects

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    WWF and Blue Seeds have launched an innovative scheme supporting small-scale fishers in coastal areas that want to implement measures to reduce the environmental impact of fisheries.
  • From Denmark to the Rhodopes: bringing fisheries closer to citizens

    - Good Practice Project
    After a study visit to Fyn FLAG in Denmark, a fishers’ association member was inspired to adapt one of the Danish projects to his area’s needs. The project aims to boost tourism and improve local knowledge of fisheries heritage.
  • A coastal management plan by local fishers and fish farmers

    - Good Practice Project
    Small-scale coastal fishers and fish farmers have been actively involved in the design of a coastal management plan for the Emilia-Romagna coastline. This stock management plan focused on three local high value species identified by the sector at regional level.
  • Coop to Coast project: European and Turkish Cooperation for the Development of Coastal Territories

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    On 16 December 2020, the transnational cooperation EU-Turkey Coops to Coast held its final capitalisation event, organised by the Black Sea Science Technology and Culture Association and Haliéus Italy (leading partners).
  • Reducing waste linked to processing shellfish

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    An Irish FLAG has supported a local, family aquaculture business that farms Gigas oysters to improve processing methods, reduce energy consumption and cut waste.
  • Fishers campaigning for reducing plastic in ports

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    The FISHEKO Operation, covering the whole coastline of Slovenia, is a project giving local fishers communication training and hiring them to carry out an awareness-raising campaign against single-use plastics in marine activities.
  • Autumn Passages 2020: promoting fisheries in the old city of Nessebar

    - Good Practice Project
    The municipality of Nessebar organised the first edition of “Autumn Passages” in 2020. During this festival, the local community and tourists enjoyed of a wide range of activities to promote Black Sea fisheries products, fishing as a profession and preserving maritime heritage.
  • MPAs: under fishers' surveillance

    - Good Practice Project
    Avec le soutien du GALPA, des pêcheurs locaux participent à l’application des mesures de protection et à la lutte contre le braconnage dans la réserve marine de Cabo de Palos, la plus ancienne zone de pêche de la région. Le renforcement de la protection à l’intérieur de cette réserve a favorisé l’augmentation d’espèces endémiques.
  • A network for seafaring women

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    A cooperation project between two Catalan FLAGs has supported the creation of an association, which aims to increase the visibility of women from fishing and aquaculture and improve their ability to develop business projects that help diversify the sector.
  • A network for seafaring women

    - Good Practice Project
    Un projet mené en coopération par deux GALPA catalans a soutenu la création d’une association visant à améliorer la visibilité des femmes actives dans le secteur de la pêche et de l’aquaculture. Ce projet entend également renforcer leur capacité à mettre sur les rails des projets d’entreprise visant à diversifier le secteur.