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    New start-up company models for young unemployed people

    - Cooperation Idea
    The North Sardinia FLAG wishes to cooperate with FLAGs concerned with new start-up models led by young people, fishermen’s relatives or young people leaving secondary schools who want to create self-employment opportunities.
  • Fishtaverns - Upgrading product and service quality in local seafood restaurants

    - Good Practice Project
    Στόχος του έργου «Ψαροταβέρνες» είναι η βελτίωση των προτύπων ποιότητας των τοπικών ψαροταβερνών – των προϊόντων και της εξυπηρετικότητάς τους – κυρίως μέσω της βελτίωσης της χρήσης των φρέσκων αλιευμάτων και της εφαρμογής ελκυστικών εργαλείων επικοινωνίας.
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    Lessons from FARNET 1 (2007-2013)

    - Basic page
    The experience developed by FARNET under Axis 4 of the EFF (2007-2013) is still highly valuable for the current programming period, especially for new FLAGs.
  • Good Practice - Archive 2007-2013

    - Basic page
    This page leads to all the project examples published during the 2007-2013 programming period.