Fisheries Areas Network


  • CY - Cooperation in Cyprus

    - Cooperation MS Fiche
    Cooperation is strongly encouraged in Cyprus, both at the inter-territorial and the transnational level. The call for FLAG strategies included a specific section for cooperation plans and all three Cypriot FLAGs, therefore, received provisional approval of their cooperation proposals when selected.
  • AKTES - Transnational Coastal Quality Pact

    - Cooperation Idea
    Pillio FLAG is looking for partners from Cyprus, Italy, Malta, Spain, Portugal and France to create a transnational organisation (AKTES). The purpose of the organisation is the development and implementation a transnational quality agreement (pact) joining tourism stakeholders under a common strategy. The strategy aims to guarantee a minimum quality for products and services; improving the tourist offer of those areas; mitigating seasonality; and encouraging better incomes and working conditions for local communities in coastal areas.
  • A network of sustainable diving trails

    - Good Practice Project
    Ένα συνεργατικό έργο θέτει την περιβαλλοντική, κοινωνική και οικονομική βιωσιμότητα στο επίκεντρο 30 καταδυτικών περιοχών σε Ελλάδα και Κύπρο.
  • Paphos FLAG

    - FLAG Factsheet
    The area has an excellent climate, is rich in natural resources and landscapes, and has a rare flora and fauna. The fisheries sector in the area is considered particularly important because it creates jobs and offers healthy products to the people.
  • Lemesos FLAG

    - FLAG Factsheet
    The Lemesos FLAG is found in southern Cyprus and bordered by the district of Paphos and Larnaca. The FLAG area covers ten communities within the Limassol district and Municipality. Within the locality, the area of Amathus, in the Agios Tychonas community, is designated as a marine protected area for historical reasons.
  • Larnaca FLAG

    - FLAG Factsheet
    The FLAG area consists of six municipalities and 11 communities. It covers the districts of Larnaca and Famagusta in the eastern part of Cyprus and represents 5.6% of the total area and 19.5% of the total coastline of the country. Fishing is an important activity in the area, with 4.3% of its workforce employed in the primary sector, 67% of which work in fishing.
  • Cyprus - 3 FLAGs - 6.5 M€

    - Country Factsheet
    The focus of CLLD in Cyprus is on creating new sources of income and new jobs; developing sustainable aquaculture; capitalising on opportunities provided by the blue economy; capitalising on the natural assets of the fisheries areas to improve their attractiveness as sustainable tourist destinations; and protecting the marine environment and biodiversity.
  • clldstory-cyprusfishertraining

    Fishermen acquire new knowledge and skills

    - Good Practice Short Story
    During a public consultation on the development of the Larnaca Famagusta FLAG strategy (2007/2014), local fishermen expressed a desire to acquire new knowledge and skills in areas that would help them to diversify their sources of income.
  • gac_logo

    New start-up company models for young unemployed people

    - Cooperation Idea
    The North Sardinia FLAG wishes to cooperate with FLAGs concerned with new start-up models led by young people, fishermen’s relatives or young people leaving secondary schools who want to create self-employment opportunities.
  • Fishtaverns - Upgrading product and service quality in local seafood restaurants

    - Good Practice Project
    Στόχος του έργου «Ψαροταβέρνες» είναι η βελτίωση των προτύπων ποιότητας των τοπικών ψαροταβερνών – των προϊόντων και της εξυπηρετικότητάς τους – κυρίως μέσω της βελτίωσης της χρήσης των φρέσκων αλιευμάτων και της εφαρμογής ελκυστικών εργαλείων επικοινωνίας.