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CLLD Conference 2019: Working Groups

The first part of the CLLD Post 2020 conference was dedicated to the future of CLLD under the EMFF. After a plenary session providing inspiration to participants in the form of keynote presentations and panel discussions, participants were divided into working groups aimed at pushing the reflection on the next generation of FLAG strategies for the 2021-2027 period.

Participants were distributed according to three sea basins: Atlantic and North Sea, Mediterranean and Black Sea (2 sub groups), Baltic and Inland areas.

Participants were first asked to reflect on key challenges (new or existing ones) faced by FLAGs that still need to be addressed in the upcoming period. They were then asked to prioritise and select a specific challenge they wanted to discuss in smaller sub-groups.

Each of the sub-groups was tasked to visually express how FLAGs could help address the specific challenges and what adaptations would be necessary in the ways FLAGs work (partnerships, outreach, decision-making, knowledge or skills,…) to allow them to address these challenges.












You will find below the visual outputs produced by each sub-group.

  • Atlantic & North Sea                                                         Package icon Download here
  • Baltic & Inland                                                                 Package icon Download here
  • Med & Black Sea (ES)                                                       Package icon Download here
  • Med & Black Sea (IT)                                                        Package icon Download here

More information about the event is available at Post-2020: Local action in a changing world, 3-4 December, Brussels.

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