Fisheries Areas Network

FARNET Support Unit

The FSU Team at the CLLD eventThe FARNET Support Unit (FSU) is the technical assistance team established by the European Commission to assist in the implementation of CLLD under the EMFF.
It works closely with DG MARE, the Member State administrations, the national fisheries networks and with the FLAGs and others involved in the implementation of CLLD, building a “learning network” that connects the growing knowledge and experience in CLLD from across Europe. It consists of a permanent team of 15 people, based in Brussels, assisted by 18 geographical experts.

THE FARNET Support Unit

Rue Belliard 40
1040 Bruxelles - Belgium
Tel.: +32 2 613 26 50
Email: info (at) farnet.eu

FSU team - Monica Veronesi Burch
Monica Veronesi Burch
Team Leader
FSU team - Anne Coudeyre
Anne Coudeyre
Contract Manager
FSU team - Soumaya Bouker
Soumaya Bouker
Team Assistant
FSU team - Urszula Budzich Tabor
Urszula Budzich Tabor
Senior Local
Development Expert
FSU team - Janne Posti
Janne Posti
Senior Fisheries Expert
FSU team - Pedro Brosei
Pedro Brosei
Thematic and
Territorial Coordinator
FSU team - Margot Van Soetendael
Margot Van Soetendael
Thematic and
Territorial officer
FSU team - Marta Edreira Garcia
Marta Edreira Garcia
Thematic and
Territorial officer
FSU team - Ewan Geffroy
Ewan Geffroy
Thematic and
Territorial officer
FSU team - Richard Freeman
Richard Freeman
Research Officer
FSU team - Yves Boisselier
Yves Boisselier
Web specialist
FSU team - Sophia de Smet
Sophia de Smet
Communication Officer
FSU team - Belgacem Guemida
Belgacem Guemida
IT Manager
FSU team - Prody Mwemena
Prody Mwemena
Temporary Communication
FSU team - Jean-Pierre Vercruysse
Jean-Pierre Vercruysse
Senior Advisor
FSU team - soto
Paul Soto
Senior Advisor
FSU team - Fanny Pauwel
Fanny Pauwel
Account Assistant
FSU team - kariger
Sabine Kariger
Contract and event


THE FARNET SUPPORT UNIT Geographical Experts

BG Methody Methodieff
DE Dirk Schubert
DK Annette Aagaard-Thuesen
EE Ahto Oja
ES Rosa Chapela
FI Petri Rinne
FR Thomas Binet
GR/CY Afroditi Mantzinou
HR Bojana Markotic
IT Carlo Ricci
LT Simona Utaraité
LV Valdis Kudins
PL Ireneusz Paweł Kamiński
PT Miguel Gaspar
RO Simona Pascariu
SE Thomas Hjelm
SI Marco Koscak
UK/IE Susan Grieve


Thematic experts

Cooperation Coordinator    Serge Gomes Da Silva
CLLD Yves Champetier



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