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Trans-national and inter-regional cooperation: country profiles (2010)

In Spring 2010, the FARNET Support Unit carried out a survey among the Managing Authorities to find out what arrangements had been made concerning cooperation under Axis 4 EFF. 

Sixteen replies had been received by the end of April, although a few of them contained mainly the information that nothing has been decided yet.

See overview table

On the basis of responses received, it seems that the main differences beteween MS can be observed with respect to four broad categories.

(i) The existence of a separate budget allocated to cooperation (some – but not all – MAs have set aside a certain proportion of total Axis 4 for cooperation projects).

(ii) Degree of autonomy of the Fisheries Local Action Groups (FLAGs) in using the cooperation funding available in Axis 4 EFF. Two broad models can be distinguished here:

1. Countries/regions where the cooperation budget is basically at the disposal of the FLAG, i.e. even if it requires a separate approval by the MA, the use of cooperation funding follows broadly the same procedure as approval of the overall FLAG budget.

2. Countries/regions which set aside all or part of the cooperation budget to be available for application by FLAGs on the basis of calls for proposals. In the latter case, there are two further options:

2.1 The call is open continuously for the duration of the programme, i.e. the groups may apply to the national or regional authorities at any time, when the cooperation project is mature for implementation;
2.2. There are periodic calls for proposals for cooperation projects, e.g. once or twice a year.

(iii) Specific eligibility rules or criteria for cooperation projects (some MAs have already developed a set of rules or criteria for cooperation projects; in other countries, cooperation projects have to follow the same rules as other projects (i.e. projects supported within the FLAG strategy).

(iv) Solutions related to the funding for the preparatory phase of cooperation projects:

1. The preparatory phase (travel and meeting costs of partners to develop their project) is either an eligible project cost within the FLAG budget, or there is a separate facility (financed from Axis 4 or Axis 5) where FLAGs can apply, even before the cooperation project is developed and approved;
2. The preparatory phase can only be financed from FLAG administrative (management) costs, or there is no possibility to finance preparatory phase of projects at all.

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