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Cooperation 2007-2013

Call for cooperation: Belgian venture looking for partners in ecological and economic sustainability

Pintafish is a new cooperative venture between small-scale fishers and a niche retail company experienced in ‘green products’, to sell sustainably caught fish from the Belgian North Sea directly to consumers throughout Belgium and so ensure a good financial return for the fishers.

Active in the the area of the Belgian FLAG West Vlaanderen, Pintafish is looking for contact with similar ventures in other countries and FLAG areas, to learn from each others’ experience of how small-scale/artisanal fishers can successfully catch and market fish which is sustainable, and in doing so, earn an income which guarantees the socio-economic viability of the fishers themselves.

Charter for Mediterranean FLAG Cooperation

In December 2011, 18 Mediterranean FLAGs from France, Spain, Greece and Cyprus signed a Charter for Mediterranean cooperation. This step has formalized their wish to work together around common objectives and sets a framework for common actions, working methods and promotion. Initial actions foreseen include environmental and educational activities as well as promotional actions for local fisheries products and fisheries-related tourism. However, the scope of the Charter for Mediterranean FLAG Cooperation remains open to further projects that contribute to the development of Mediterranean fisheries areas. 

Mediterranean cooperation projects get underway

Within the framework of France´s annual Axis 4 event in September, a number of Mediterranean FLAGs came together to discuss and initiate a series of cooperation projects. FLAGs from France, Greece and Spain took advantage of this first Mediterranean cooperation meeting animated by FARNET but hosted by a Member State.  Four project proposals emerged from these two days of discussions and are currently being developed by eight Mediterranean FLAGs: direct sales via restaurants; coordination of the tourism offer linked to fisheries and the environment; adding value to Mediterranean fisheries species through a recipe book; and educational activities to raise awareness in schools about the fisheries sector and its products. The Catalan and Greek FLAGs are also moving forward with cooperation based on their areas´ environmental protected status. There was also demand from the FLAGs to formalize a Mediterranean Network with a common declaration. FLAGs hope to finalize such a declaration by the DG Mare/ FARNET conference in November.

Full meeting report. 

Cooperation corner - Almere seminar

On the occasion of the third transnational FARNET seminar (17-18 November, Almere, NL), a cooperation corner was inaugurated for FLAGs to communicate their ideas, requests or proposals for national or transnational cooperation.

Several cooperation topics were identified and have been assembled in five broad cooperation themes.

Under each of these themes, listed below, you will find a description of the cooperation proposed and the general information of the FLAGs interested in that cooperation topic. You will also find the contact details, website and basic informations on the proposed cooperation subject.

To react on these cooperation ideas, ask for further details or propose a new cooperation subject, please contact the FARNET team at

In addition, please have a look at our cooperation discussion group on Linked In, where you will be able to exchange on each of these identified cooperation themes.

Fishing museums

Environment, tradition and identity of area

Joint promotion


Entrepreneurship / marketing

Study Visit to the Netherlands: 7 Galician FLAGs look at Dutch innovations

Fourteen Galicians, two from each of the region´s FLAGs, took part in a study visit to the Netherlands in November.

The Spanish FLAGs visited the Zeeland and the Nord Holland FLAG to discuss how they were addressing challenges in their fisheries areas and witness first hand a number of projects and fisheries companies.

The study trip not only allowed the Galician FLAGs to return with knew knowledge and ideas but also offered an excellent opportunity to meet and build a relationship with two Dutch FLAGs and a number of project promoters. Moveover, it served as an excercise that stregthened relations between the Galician FLAGs themselves, allowing them to reflect collectively on a number of challenges facing Galicia´s fisheries areas.

Trans-national and inter-regional cooperation: country profiles (2010)

In Spring 2010, the FARNET Support Unit carried out a survey among the Managing Authorities to find out what arrangements had been made concerning cooperation under Axis 4 EFF. 

Sixteen replies had been received by the end of April, although a few of them contained mainly the information that nothing has been decided yet.

See overview table

FARNET Guide #2: Cooperation

This guide is intended to assist FLAGs and managing authorities in implementing this aspect of Axis 4.Specifically, it aims to explain what is meant by cooperationin the context of Axis 4, the potential benefits for FLAGs and their areas, and how support for cooperation can best be organised and administered at national, regional and local level. The guide should prove particularly useful for the FLAGs that want to use cooperation to acquire practical knowledge that helps in the early stages of managing their partnership and implementing their local strategy.

Download Guide #2