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Welcome to the Cooperation section of the FARNET website. It aims to help FLAGs and other Axis 4 stakeholders interested in various aspects of national or transnational cooperation between FLAGs. Information available here includes cooperation proposals, as well as advice and news.

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Axis 4 funds are managed by Fisheries Local Action Groups (FLAGs), partnerships between fisheries actors and other local private and public stakeholders. Together, they design and implement a bottom-up strategy that fits and addresses their area´s needs to increase economic, social and environmental welfare.
More than 300 FLAGs in 21 EU Member States involve thousands of local stakeholders as project promoters and FLAG members.























































































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EFF - Axis 4 - Country information

This section provides factsheets on the implementation of Axis in the Member States concerned: context; the areas; the groups and their strategies; key features of administrative and financial systems; networking and capacity building; resources or ideas that may be of interest to other countries. Project examples by country are also available.



Member State   
Country Factsheets
  National Networks    FLAG details
Belgium       1 Belgian FLAG   
Bulgaria     6 Bulgarian FLAGs   
Cyprus     1 Cypriot FLAG  
Denmark      18 Danish FLAGs   
Estonia      8 Estonian FLAGs   
Finland      8 Finnish FLAGs  
France      11 French FLAGs  
Germany     23 German FLAGs   
Greece     11 Greek FLAGs  
Ireland                         6 Irish FLAGs  
Italy      43 Italian FLAGs  
Latvia     24 Latvian FLAGs   
Lithuania     10 Lithuanian FLAGs  
Poland     48 Polish FLAGs   
Portugal     7 Portuguese FLAGs  
Romania     14 Romanian FLAGs  
Slovenia     1 Slovenian FLAG   
Spain    30 Spanish FLAGs  
Sweden     14 Swedish FLAGs   
The Netherlands     6 Dutch FLAGs   
United Kingdom     22 British FLAGs   

Valuing by-products of vendace roe extraction - FLAG Vänern Archipelago and Mount Kinnekulle - SE

This pilot project brings together fishermen, universities and a variety of other public and private partners to research and develop new processes to generate value from the by-products of vendace (Coregonus sp.) roe extraction.  


High school project for sustainable fisheries - FLAG Lake Vänern - SE

This project supports the valorization of local species through an inclusive community initiative bringing together catering students, fishermen and local enterprises around a small but promising project to raise awareness and promote local and sustainable sourcing. 


Commercialisation of new goose barnacle products - FLAG Ria de Vigo-A Guarda - ES

In Galicia, barnacles have traditionally been gathered by fishermen and fisherwomen and sold only as a fresh product, with no processing or added value. This project, promoted by barnacle gatherers, aims to create new products from barnacles, a highly sought after shellfish in Spain. The new products include natural canned barnacles and barnacle pâté with seaweed. These products add value to the barnacle, especially the smaller sized barnacles, which are in less demand and usually sold for a lower price. 


Diversifying cockle picking - FLAG Costa da Morte - ES

This project is an example of an integrated chain of activities to raise awareness of the cockle picking tradition in the area and to improve the image of the product. The activities also add value to a fisheries product (cockles) and start to diversify the cockle pickers´ activities through tourism, training and product promotion.


Fishmeal from fish waste - FLAG Huelva - ES

This project offers an example of utilising fisheries by-products by supporting an aquaculture company to produce its own fishmeal from local fish waste.



“Pilado” crab for bio-medicine - FLAG Oeste - Portugal

By looking into the biological components of the common swimming crab’s shell, this pilot project aims to increase the economic value of a resource that is presently discarded and to create market bridges between fishermen and other stakeholders of the area.


Arts and Fisheries Festival - Non Axis 4 project - IT

This arts and fisheries festival (the ICTYS project) was developed by the municipality of Ancona and promotes cooperation between the fisheries sector and the contemporary arts community in order to improve the attractiveness of the harbour area. This cooperation has led to the development of an arts and fisheries festival, bringing art into the day to day activities of the fisheries sector.