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Study Visit to the Netherlands: 7 Galician FLAGs look at Dutch innovations

Fourteen Galicians, two from each of the region´s FLAGs, took part in a study visit to the Netherlands in November.

The Spanish FLAGs visited the Zeeland and the Nord Holland FLAG to discuss how they were addressing challenges in their fisheries areas and witness first hand a number of projects and fisheries companies.

The study trip not only allowed the Galician FLAGs to return with knew knowledge and ideas but also offered an excellent opportunity to meet and build a relationship with two Dutch FLAGs and a number of project promoters. Moveover, it served as an excercise that stregthened relations between the Galician FLAGs themselves, allowing them to reflect collectively on a number of challenges facing Galicia´s fisheries areas.

In Zeeland, the Galicians visited a shellfish hatchery, a processing company that was using an innovative breeding and harvesting system for cultivating mussels on nets and a research project which was attempting to cultivate clams inland by pumping sea water to a designated location. As big shellfish producers themselves, the Galicians took away a number of ideas as well as noting the proactive attitude towards innovation that was central to the three outfits visited. Indeed, they saw companies taking risks – and they saw investments being turned into successes.

In Nord Holland, the group visited the Den Oever fresh fish market, run by volunteers every Saturday for 9 months of the year. The market has been succesful in bringing more life to the port area (attracting people from up to 100 km away!) and most importantly in improving the image of fresh fish in the community.