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Specific types of areas



Proposed cooperation: Cooperation with a FLAG along a big river

FLAG info: Glavinitsa-Tutrakan-Slivo pole FLAG, Bulgaria

Contact person: Evelina Ivanova

Address: Tutrakan 7600, Al. Staboliyski Str. 2A, Bulgaria

E-mail: gts.flag (at)

Phone(s): +359 886 412 524

Language(s): English, Russian, Bulgarian

Other information: FLAG on the Danube river

Proposed cooperation: Cooperation between the countries with coasts out to the North Sea

FLAG info: FLAG Vestjylland

Contact person: Søren Holm

Address: Bredgade 77, DK-6940 Lem

E-mail: sho (at)

Phone(s): +45 99 75 26 02, +34 41 19 79 56


Language(s): English

Proposed cooperation: Tourism development in areas where rivers end (see also 7.2)

FLAG info: GDP Costaluz

Contact person: Jose-Maria Martín Delgado

Address: C/ Baja no29, 21410 Isla Cristina, España

E-mail: gerenteia (at)

Phone(s): +34 959 344 238

Language(s): Spanish

Proposed cooperation: Our FLAG would like to cooperate with FLAGs in Sweden, Germany and Spain

FLAG info: Polnocno-Kaszubska Grupa Rybacka (Northern-Kashubian FLAG), Poland

Contact person: Roma Bialkowska

Address: 84-120 Wladyslawowo, ul. Gen. Hallera 19, Poland

E-mail: rbialkowska (at)

Phone(s): +48 602 475 602


Language(s): Polish, English

Proposed cooperation: Protected areas: promote a quality territorial mark  – platform to buy and sell jointly from the fishery sector

FLAG info: Ría de Pontevedra (Galicia, Spain)

Contact person: Laura Nieto Zas

Address: Porto Pesquero s/n. Porto de Marín. 36900 Marín, España

E-mail: gac6 (at)

Phone: +34 886 213 015, +34 698 180 887


Language(s): Spanish, English

Proposed cooperation: High environmental value areas (inland and marine)

FLAG info: GDP Malaga, Spain

Contact person: Antonia Sola

Address: C/ Real, 17 Caleta de Velez, Velez, Malaga, España

E-mail: gdp (at)

Phone(s): +34 979 223 948


Language(s): Spanish, English