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Tourism projects from FLAG Fair in Sardinia

The FARNET seminar opened with an exhibition of around 70 different projects related to tourism from the fisheries areas present at the event. Participants displayed promotional material and descriptions of projects that are helping to promote their local fisheries heritage and raise awareness of the fishing activity as well as projects creating new sources of revenue within and around fishing. Some of these included: activities linked to the fishing activity such as pesca-tourism or guided visits of aquaculture sites; improving infrastructure to make ports more attractive to tourists; support for local fish restaurants and accommodation provided by fishermen and their families; and projects that foster cooperation between the fisheries and tourist sectors to develop and market successful tourist products and services.




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A l´Ostendaise Menu: in restaurants that commit to offering a menu of dishes of local fish. 

West Flanders   (BE)

Stephanie Maes

stephanie.maes (at)

Mapping tourist trails: information on tourist sites & hiking trails in the fisheries area.

High Western Rhodopes (BG)

Nebi Kehaya

kehaya (at)

Diving centre & accommodation in fishermen’s homes in a small village.

Shabla-Kavarna-Balchik (BG)

Nelko Yordanov

flag.shabla (at)

Recreational fishing integrated with history, traditions and art

Glavinitsa-Tutrakan-Slivo pole (BG)

Evelina Jepson

gts.flag (at)

Fish Festivals in Protaras

Larnaca and Famagusta (CY)

Avraam Papamichael

mpapamichael (at)

Pesca-tourism in Cyprus 

Larnaca and Famagusta (CY)

Avraam Papamichael

mpapamichael (at)

“Saltwater Put and take”: fisheries tourism in the North Sea.

FLAG Vestjylland (DK)

Søren Holm

sho (at)

Direct sales from a rebuilt fishing boat


FLAG North Jutland (DK)

Lars Hedegaard

lahd (at)

Sea-garden in Ebeltoft Vig: community based recreational aquaculture. (EN factsheet )

Djursland (DK)

Jens Christensen

gaviadyk (at)

Marine Event on Rat Island

South Zealand (DK)

Martin Tange

fagprojekt (at)

Fish festival on Hiiumaa island

Hiiukala (EE)

Tuuli Tammla

tuuli (at)

Recreational area on Lake Võrtsjärv: building on fisheries activities & heritage and improving infrastructure around the lake.

Lake Võrtsjärv (EE)

 Madis Kaljuvee

jaanika (at) information channel for Russian market in fishing tourism.

East Finland (FI)

Pekka Sahama

pekka.sahama (at)

Helsinki Fishing: website, promotional days and educational tours to promote fishing tourism.

South Finland (FI)

Erik Herlevi

erik.herlevi (at)

Granösund Fishing Village Museum

Österbotten FLAG (FI)

Mikael Nygård

mikael (at)

Training for Fishermen to work in tourism: in relevant legislation, licenses needed, customer service, product development, marketing…

Northern and Eastern Lapland (FI)

Markku Ahonen

markku.ahonen (at)

Pescatourisme 83: pilot project to establish conditions for allowing the activity & trialling it.

Groupe FEP Varois (FR)

Claire Lemoine


groupefepvarois (at)

Fisheries and oyster farming as tourist attractions 

Bassin d’Arcachon – Val de l’Eyre (FR)

Jean-Michel Labrousse

Fepbassindarcachon (at)

Oyster farm visits in the Morbihan Gulf

Pays d’Auray (FR)

Astrid Hirsch 

hirsch-pays-auray (at)

Pesca-tourism in Bonifacio marine reserve

Corsica (FR)

Arrighi François

arrighi (at)

Developing recreational fishing and local gastronomy in the Harbour of Burgstaaken, Fehmarn.

Wagrien-Fehmarn (DE)

Jürgen Zuch

Juergen.Zuch (at)

Pesca-tourism aboard the Tümmler: trawl, gill net or bow net fishing.

Wagrien-Fehmarn (DE)

Jürgen Zuch

Juergen.Zuch (at)

Restoring a lighthouse in Dorum-Neufeld

Cuxhaven (DE)

Marco Witthohn

Dipl.-Verwaltungswirt, Agentuur für Wirtschaftsförderung Cuxhaven

Fishing experience in Niendorf/ Ostsee: local products, angling and nature.

Innere Lubecker Bucht (DE)

Sven Oldhof

sportboothafen (at)

Kalymnos diving park

Dodecanese (GR)

Kostas Zifos

zifos (at)

Promotion of the natural environment of Astris Island

Kavala (GR)

Evangelia Lymperopoulou

llimperopoulou (at)

Promoting “Divaria” traditional fishing

Aitoliki (GR)

Nikoleta Katsoni

nkatsoni (at)

Leisure complex  in Kavourotrypes Halkidiki

Halkidiki (GR)

Georgia Karagianni

karagianni (at)

Seafood promotional events 

South East FLAG (IE)

John Hickey

hickey (at)

Linking touristic itineraries with fisheries activities.

GAC Veneziano (IT)

Mauro Vio

vegal (at)

Underwater routes in Capo Rizzuto

CostiHera (IT)

Teresa Sperlì

teresasperli (at)

VIP promotion of fish products

Adriatico Salentino (IT)

Giuseppe Scordella

adriatico (at)

Pesca-tourism Guide

Terre di Mare (IT)

Angelo Farinola

angelo.farinola (at)

Recreational area at Lake Plauzezers

Zied Zeme (LV)

Linda Cīrule

linda (at)

Traditional fish smokery in Liepaja

Liepaja (LV)

Aigars Laugalis

aigarslaugalis (at)

Fish trail in Brasla 

Vidzeme (LV)

Rudite Vasile

rudite.vasile (at)

Ventspils  tourism and fisheries website

Seši Krasti (LV)

Evita Roge

evita.roge (at)

Attracting tourist to fish ponds in Elektrenai

Vilakauda (LT)

Karolis Panasenka

karolis.panasenka (at)

Infrastructure for recreation around Salantai Lake

Kretinga (LT)

Voldemaras Kesminas

bugeniai (at)

„Zarteria“ – fish trail for twaite shad and zanthe species

Taurage (LT)

Saulius Jocbalis

taurageszvvg (at)

Tourism information board in Opole region

Opole region (PL)


Jakub Roszuk

m.karas (at)

Northern fisheries trail

Kaszuby (PL)

Ewelina Lila

e.lila (at)

Fish bar in Nozyn

Bytow Lake District (PL)

Gabriela Nosinska

g.nosinska (at)

Pomeranian Fisherman´s Day

Bytow Lake District (PL)

Gabriela Nosinska

g.nosinska (at)

Package Tours: including fishing and other activities, cooking workshops, tours of salmon skin tannery, accommodation…

Slowinska Fishery Group (PL)

Maciej Karas

biuro (at)

Swarzewo  holiday cottages


North Kaszuby (PL)

Daniel Lessnau

biuro (at)

Fischmarkt 2013: The staging of the historic fish market, Gdańsk


North Kaszuby (PL)

Daniel Lessnau

biuro (at)

Support to a fisherman to set up an agritourism company.

Vistula Lagoon (PL)

Piotr Kasza

info (at)

Sea Villages: an economic development strategy to foster a “trademark” image of hosting and catering businesses valuing the local maritime and fisheries specificities.

Litoral Norte (PT)

Sandra Fernandes

sandra.fernandes (at)

Developing a package of touristic offers centered on the traditional salt production activity in the Ria de Aveiro

Região de Aveiro (PT)

José Anjos

jose.anjos (at)

Pescatur Sardine Route to watch the commercial fishing activity from a tourist boat.

Oeste (PT)

Rui Pedrosa

rpedrosa (at)

Naturatours: promoting ecotourism in a natural reserve & raising awareness of local fisheries.

GAC Sotavento (PT)

Edgar Domingos

edomingos (at)

Mirador de la Bahía: tourist visits to mussel farms and restaurant.

Litoral Costa del Ebro (ES)

Gala Martínez

grupacciolocallitoralebre (at)

Restaurant & hotel, “Posada do Lolò” opened by fisherman’s wife 

Costa da Morte (ES)

Guillermo González

gac3 (at)

A children´s sea: project to teach children about the local fisheries activities and heritage.

Ría de Vigo – A Guarda (ES)

José González Martínez

gacvigoaguarda (at)

Sailing between islands: boat trips to discover the work of fishermen and the marine environment.

Ría de Vigo – A Guarda (ES)

José González Martínez

gacvigoaguarda (at)

Fishermen for a day: bringing school children closer to the sea 

Mariña Ortegal (ES)

José Basilio  Otero Rodriguez

gac1 (at)

Tourist Tours in the fishing village of Portonovo

Ría de Pontevedra (ES)

Laura Nieto/ José Antonio Gómez Castro

gac6 (at)

Sabor a Mar: blog to promote different fish species and local fishing heritage.

Levante Almeriense (ES)

Inmaculada Torres Cano

pesca (at)

Eco-Mar:  linking fisheries to the hotel sector 

Ría de Arousa (ES)

Rosa Carballo Martinez/ Jose Manuel Oujo Fernandez

gac5 (at)

MarGalaica: integrated project to develop, package & promote fisheries related tourist activities and services.

Fisterra Ría de Muros/Noia (ES)

Manuela Oviedo Hermida

gac4 (at)

Lejed Fishing Village: venue for fishing and fish culture.

Halland (SE)

Claes Ljung

info (at)

Stockholm South Archipelago Fishing Resorts


Fiskefrämjandet Stockholms Skärgård (SE)

Sverker Lovén

sverker.loven (at)

Pikeperch trolling on Lake Mälaren


Fiskefrämjandet Stockholms Skärgård (SE)

Sverker Lovén

sverker.loven (at)

Stockholm fish market

Fiskefrämjandet Stockholms Skärgård (SE)

Sverker Lovén

sverker.loven (at)

Wild Arctic char from lake Vättern

Lake Vättern (SE)

Zeth Rylander

linda.griffiths (at)

Involving the fisheries sector in connecting with tourism activities

Dumfries and Galloway (UK)

Douglas White

simon.fieldhouse (at)

Interpretation Panels at Burghead Headland Trust Visitor Centre


Moray (UK)

Jacqueline Taylor

jacqui.taylor.moray (at)

A Brighter Future for Lossiemouth: restoration of light house as visitor attraction

Moray (UK)

Jacqueline Taylor

jacqui.taylor.moray (at)

Whitehaven Marina: bringing together fisheries and leisure sailing users of the marina to manage and restore infrastructure.  

North & West Cumbria (UK)

Paul Crooks

paul (at)

Ilfracombe Fish Trail: informs visitors about fisheries activities and heritage of the harbour and the area.

North Devon (UK)

Christina Ingle

cingle (at)

Pesca-tourism in Cornwall5 different tourist offers ranging from lobster hauling to a day as a fisherman´s apprentice. 

Cornwall (UK)

Chris Bean/ Johnny Murt

Chris.Ranford (at)