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Valorificarea produselor pescărești

FARNET good practice “Fish from the Cutter” to be presented at Germany’s “Fish Dependence Day” Conference

10/04/2012 20:00
18/04/2012 20:00

The national Fish dependence day is an initiative developed by NEF and the Ocean 2012 platform.

In Germany, if only consuming national catches from the 1st of January, 20th of April will be the day when Germany would have consumed its entire annual fish production for this year, and from which the German market would have to be supplied with imports only.

To illustrate Germany’s Fish Dependence Day, a series of events and conferences aiming to raise public awareness of the main problems currently threatening the marine environment and the fisheries sector.

This event will also recognize the importance of fisheries communities in addressing these threats: the Axis 4 project “Fisch vom Kutter" (video ) has been chosen to illustrate their positive involvement.


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