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Valorificarea produselor pescărești

EMPREAMAR – business mentoring and coaching - FLAG Fisterra - Ría Muros - Noia - ES

The EMPREAMAR project has targeted local people, in particular the unemployed from the fisheries sector, with the provision of business mentoring, coaching and financial support in order to encourage the creation of new sustainable businesses in the fisheries sector. The project has resulted in the creation of 8 new business initiatives in the FLAG area.


“Bagenkop Fish” cooperative trading company - FLAG Langeland - DK

Four local fishermen from Denmark teamed up to launch their own trading company following the closure of a large fishmonger and the diminishing market opportunities in the area. The company has since expanded into the downstream supply chain by developing a small processing workshop, a mobile fish shop and a smokehouse. Six jobs have been created in the local area.

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Attracting young people to professional fishing - FLAG South Finland - FI

Thanks to the combination of an apprenticeship project for young fishers and FLAG support to improve a local fishing business, 33 year old Tanja is now a successful fisherwoman and entrepreneur, selling her fresh and processed produce directly to consumers.

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Jammerbugt Boat Shop - FLAG North Jutland - DK

The Thorup beach fishermen’s guild, the “Thorupstrand Kystfiskerlaug”, has reconverted one of its traditional fishing boats into a floating fish shop and obtained authorisation to moor it in the heart of Copenhagen. This is giving the fishing guild’s products a special entry point to the affluent market of the Danish capital.

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FARNET Guide #8: Marketing the local catch

In 2013, the FARNET seminar, “Marketing the Local Catch”, brought together stakeholders from across Europe to exchange ideas and experience on the marketing of locally caught fish and seafood.

This guide presents some of the options and tools fishermen and other local stakeholders can avail of to improve the marketing of the local catch, with the help of their Fisheries Local Action Group (FLAG). It starts by looking at some of the reasons for, and benefits of, improving the marketing of local fisheries products. It then looks more specifically at the role of FLAGs, and how they can assist in the development of marketing projects. Finally, two innovative ways to improve marketing locally (direct sales, Community Supported Fisheries) are presented, as well as three practical tools that can be used to improve the effectiveness of the marketing strategy: digital tools, experience-based activities and labels and brands.

Download Guide #8 for online fish sales - FLAG Costa da Morte - ES

Local Cofradías (Fishermen’s associations) involving more than 500 Galician fishermen and shellfish producers teamed up to develop a pilot online sales platform. The platform aims to diversify the customer base, add value to local Galician seafood and shorten the distribution chain of local fisheries products.

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Seafood Baskets - FLAG Etang de Thau et sa bande côtière - FR

Connecting local fishermen and aquaculture producers with consumers through a seafood basket scheme helped increase the profile and consumption of local fish, oysters and other seafood in the area.

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Drecklyfish: selling local seafood on Twitter - FLAG Cornwall and Isles of Scilly - UK

 In Cornwall, UK, three fishermen started using social media for direct sales to increase their customer base and add value to their catch. Using Axis 4 to strengthen their digital skills and scale up operations, they are now recruiting new fishermen into the scheme and creating the conditions for a land based job position. 

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Fish from the Auction - FLAG Ebro Delta - ES

 “Peix de llotja”, translated literally as “fish from the auction”, has brought local fishing organisations together to promote their production to local restaurants by developing a brand that awards stars to restaurants that commit to buying their fish directly from their local auction.


Benboa: restaurant, bar & delicatessen - FLAG Ría de Arousa - ES

Creating 17 jobs, Benboa is a project that has breathed new life into a small fishing village by reviving and diversifying the activities of a local shellfish supplier. Benboa offers visitors the experience of seeing live shellfish, while having the opportunity to buy, prepare and taste seafood, all in one place.