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Project examples

Project Result-Oriented Management Information System (PROMIS)

To assist the LAGs and FLAGs in project selection and streamline decision-making, the Danish managing authority (MA) developed an IT system, which covers the entire process, from project application, to prioritisation, approval, reporting, monitoring and evaluation.

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Certified octopus fishery

With the support of Axis 4, a Spanish octopus fishery became the world’s first to receive Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certification, opening up new marketing opportunities to the local fleet.

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Innovation in goose barnacle traceability

The harvesting of goose barnacles (Pollicipes pollicipes) is an important economic activity in the Berlengas archipelago, located north of Lisbon around the Peniche peninsula. With prices fetching up to €25-30/kg (2015 prices), it provides a major source of income in local coastal communities, but is also subject to strong pressure from illegal harvesting. Although stocks are strictly monitored in order to maintain a sustainable fishery, the management tools in place are not able to ensure traceability and, therefore, cannot prevent goose barnacles collected in no-take areas entering the market. This not only threatens the sustainability of the stock but also leads to commercial losses for goose barnacle gatherers in the Berlengas area.

Fishermen acquire new knowledge and skills

During a public consultation on the development of the Larnaca Famagusta FLAG strategy (2007/2014), local fishermen expressed a desire to acquire new knowledge and skills in areas that would help them to diversify their sources of income. Specifically, members of the PanCyprian Association of Professional Fishermen highlighted their interest in training on themes such as the legal and technical requirements to engage in direct sales and pesca-tourism.

Communicating effectively with the local community

FLAG communication activities can be an important catalyst for innovation and change, and are a transversal element in the local development strategy. Through effective communication, the Adriatico Salentino FLAG in Puglia, Italy, has helped to empower local fishermen to become drivers of change in their communities.

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Vianapesca PO - Product placement – Promoting canned fish with a story

This project by the Vianapesca Producer Organisation (PO) focused on adding value to local fisheries products through processing and a marketing campaign. 

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Reviving the tradition of fish markets in Gdansk

Three FLAGs from the Pomorskie region have helped create a new platform for fishermen to promote and sell their products by reviving the ancient tradition of the fish market, which had previously existed in Gdansk from 1343 until 1945. The market is open in August, at the height of the tourist season. Fishermen and fishmongers make their way to the market area in the centre of Gdansk’s old town in traditional fishing boats, wearing traditional costumes. Once on site, they organise a host of activities, including fish-tasting and fish-selling, culinary demonstrations and contests (filleting, rolling-up etc.), the showcasing of traditional net-mending and boat-making skills, as well as an open-air exhibition.

Boat stories: catching the human side of fisheries

To help preserve and promote the local fishing communities of North Devon, UK, Boat stories set sail with the North Devon FLAG in 2014 to make 10 short films telling the personal stories of those living and working with boats in the area. The stories, told by the skippers or crew, open the door to a world mostly hidden to even those who live on the coast, enticing the audience to come and have a closer look.

The human touch for open communication

A year prior to the launch of her Axis 4 supported research on social relationships and communication in fisheries communities, Monica Palladino was on holiday on the Costa Viola, a part of the Calabrian coast hosting several fisheries strongholds.

Social Return on Investment: a new way to measure FLAG results

The Cornwall and Isles of Scilly FLAG commissioned an analysis of the Social Return on Investment in order to measure the impact of its animation activities. It found that each euro invested by the FLAG brought a social return of €5.45 in benefits to the local community.

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