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Women in Fisheries: Spain´s 2nd Annual Conference

The second annual conference of Spain´s National Network for Women in Fisheries (Malaga, 24-25 October) brought together close to 400 participants: women from around Spain (fisherwomen, net-workers, shellfish gatherers, harbour workers…) as well as national and regional administrations and a series of speakers to address the theme of female entrepreneurship.  Speeches by Rosa Aguilar Rivero, Minister for Environmental, Rural and Marine Affairs, and Alicia Villauriz, Secretary-General of Marine Affairs, both mentioned the important contribution that Axis 4 of the EFF could make to supporting women in the fisheries sector to consolidate or embark upon new economic activities. Monica Burch from the FARNET Support Unit was also among the panelists and gave a number of concrete examples of how this was happening around Europe. Spanish project promoters and FLAG Managers were also present to share their experience.  Spain has recently signed an agreement with Women´s World Banking to facilitate micro-finance and business support to women in fisheries.