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Women in Fisheries: European Parliament Study

A report commissioned by the European Parliament on women in fisheries has recently been published. Entitled "Women in fisheries: a European perspective", the report gives an overview of the current situation faced by women in the fisheries and aquaculture sector in Europe and the prerequisites for improved gender mainstreaming. It presents and discusses the available data on female employment in the sector, the problems faced by women’s fisheries organisations and their future prospects. It also proposes that the impact of the EFF on the promotion of gender equality should be evaluated, and outlines the expectations vested in the EMFF. As part of the research conducted for this study, FLAGs received a questionnaire on the importance of gender in their strategies and extent to which women are benefiting from Axis 4. 111 FLAGs responded to the questionnaire. This sample showed that 50% of FLAGs employed a female Manager while 22% of FLAG boards were made up of women. At the same time, 29% of FLAG respondents claimed to have a specific focus on women in their strategies while 19% of local projects approved had a female beneficiary or target audience.

Final report