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Public consultation on CFP technical measures

On January 24, the European Commission launched a consultation on a new framework for technical measures in the reformed Common Fisheries Policy (CFP). Technical measures are a broad set of rules which govern how, where and when fishermen may fish. They are established for all European sea basins, but they differ considerably from one basin to another.

The measures can include: minimum landing sizes and minimum conservation sizes; specifications for the design and use of gears; minimum mesh sizes for nets; the requirement for selective gears to reduce unwanted catches; closed areas and seasons; limitations on by-catches; and measures to minimize the impact of fishing on the marine ecosystem and environment.

The consultation aims to gather the views of the main stakeholders on how to achieve the objectives of the reformed CFP, considering these technical measures and the governance structure within which they operate. The deadline for submissions is the 24 April 2014. 

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