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OURCOAST: promoting Integrated Coastal Zone Management in Europe

OURCOAST is a three-year project commissioned by the Directorate General (DG) Environment of the European Commission to support and ensure the exchange of experiences and best practices in coastal planning and management.



Through OURCOAST, the European Commission aims to ensure that lessons learned from the coastal management experiences and practices will be shared and made accessible to those who are seeking sustainable solutions to their coastal management practices. Promoting integrated approaches in the development of coastal areas is a common goal shared by OURCOAST and FARNET; many links and potential synergies therefore exist with Axis 4 and the work of FLAGs which are selecting inclusive projects fitting their areas' needs and characteristics.

Through their website and newsletter, OURCOAST provides a database of ICZM good practices and regular updates on the developments in EU ICZM policy, including the follow-up to the EU ICZM Recommendation.

OURCOAST will also organize a major coastal stakeholder conference on the 27-28 October 2011, in Riga.

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