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FARNET Newsletter 2015-03

  • Latvian OP first to be approved 
  • Sailing towards 2020: and the winners are… 
  • Atlantic FLAGs discuss European Fisheries Villages Network 
  • Belgian-UK cooperation on community supported fisheries
  • FishSAFE with an EFF supported App 
  • Transatlantic cooperation on small scale fisheries
  • Axis 4 in the news 
  • A visual guide to the CFP and EMFF
  • State of play: 10 214 projects and counting
  • Forthcoming events and activities


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42 projects in support of sustainable fisheries communities

From over 10 000 local development projects supported by FLAGs around Europe, 200 were submitted and 42 selected for the project exhibition at the Sailing Towards 2020 event. These projects were grouped into 8 thematic clusters and presented by the project promoters and FLAG Managers in a dynamic and vibrant exhibition.   

Shortening Supply Chains                                       


Stand 1 - Fish all days                                 

DEStand 2 - Jammerbugt boat shop                                          
ESStand 3 -                                          
ESStand 4 - From fish auction to restaurant                                         
PTStand 5 - O melhor peixe do mundo                                          

Adding Value Locally



Stand 6 - Extending shrimp life span         

GRStand 7 - New markets for blue crab                                         
ESStand 8 - Artisanal canning                                         
FR Stand 9 - Cooperative processing 

DEStand 10 - Going organic                                         
PTStand 11 - Product placement                                         

Enhancing the Environment



Stand 12 - Monitoring captures                           

FRStand 13 - Restricted fishing area                                          
SEStand 14 - Nyköping river management                                          
FIStand 15 - Seal-safe trap-nets                                         
SEStand 16 - Certifying sustainability                                         
PLStand 17 - Water quality                                          

Improving the Image of Fisheries



Stand 18 - Visiting Vega fishing port                    

CYStand 19 - Fresh seafood promotion                                          
PLStand 20a - Fish training for chefs: Polish programme                                          
BGStand 20b - Fish training for chefs: Bulgarian programme                                          
UKStand 21 - Community seafood officer                                         
FIStand 22 - Fishing video game                                         

Linking Fisheries with Tourism



Stand 23 - Pesca-tourism

DKStand 24 – Put ‘n’ take angling                                          
DEStand 25 - Carp tourism                                          
GRStand 26 – Fisherman’s restaurant                                          
ROStand 27 - Fisherman’s B&B                                          
ESStand 28 - Millennium tuna route                                          

Developing new activities from fisheries



Stand 29 - Fishing gear diversification                  

ESStand 30 - Diversifying net-mending                                           
PLStand 31 - Boat repair workshop                                          
PTStand 32 - Sand extraction & transport                                          

Making Fishing Areas Attractive



Stand 33 - Oiu harbour renovation                       

IEStand 34 - InisLyre slipway                                          
SEStand 35 - Home Harbour festival                                          
UKStand 36 - Crowdfunding Annan Harbour                                          

Investing in People



Stand 37 - Master-apprentice programme  

UKStand 38 - Training courses for the young                                         
ESStand 39a - Entrepreneurship: women role models                                         
ESStand 39b- Entrepreneurship: EMPREAMAR                                         
PTStand 40 - Aquaculture start-up                                          

Sailing Towards 2020: Axis 4 in Action

This brochure has been developed for the "Sailing towards 2020" event, it highlights facts, figures and success stories from the 2007/2013 Axis4 program of the European Fisheries Fund. Stakeholders (FLAGs, Managing Authorities, project promoters) may use it as a source of inspiration for future projects; but it will also interest wider audiences, such as researchers, NGOs and/or the media wanting to know more on local development of European fisheries areas.


Download this publication here        


Find out more with the 42 project posters showcased during the Sailing Towards 2020 conference.

FARNET Newsletter 2015-01

  • Sailing towards 2020
  • The ‘ideal’ FLAG!
  • FLAGs taking part in the Atlantic Stakeholder Platform
  • Managing authorities preparing the ground
  • New FARNET guide on fisheries and tourism
  • A successful call for Axis 4 videos
  • App: promoting responsible tourism
  • FABLABs: local innovators for blue growth…
  • Forthcoming events and activities


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FARNET Magazine n° 11: Designing the future

Download n° 11 - Autumn - Winter 2014      

Designing the future

As we shift our focus to the next programming period, it is increasingly clear that new solutions and new thinking are required to address evolving challenges. Even where FLAGs have been successful in achieving their goals in the 2007-2013 period, they will still have to reassess their situation and prepare new strategies that respond to the changing external environment,the new legislative framework, and take account of their own evolving capacity and maturity as agents of local development.

Zoom: Integrating different funds in CLLD:intensive dialogue underway in Poland

Report: Small streams make great rivers

Integrated local development in coastal Alto Minho (Portugal).


Three-way interview with Frédérique Deschamps, Gala Martinez and Manuela Sampaio, FLAG managers.

Report: A good catch

Fishermen on the island of Hiiumaa, in the Estonian archipelago, have made the most of the opportunities offered by Axis 4 of the European Fisheries Fund (EFF).

Trade winds

Two innovative examples of boosting the effectiveness of FLAG work.

Spotlight: Improving communication and participation

Tools for FLAGs to ensure the involvement of the local community in the strategy development process.

"Sailing Towards 2020" conference: Brussels, 2 & 3 March 2015


Click to playOver 450 stakeholders, including FLAGs, Managing Authorities, fisheries organisations and NGOs, involved in the sustainable development of coastal and fisheries areas took part in DG MARE’s high level event in Brussels, “Sailing Towards 2020”. The event brought together delegates from 27 different countries, including political leaders from the local, regional and national level, as well as Members of the European Parliament and representatives from the European Council’s Presidency and the Commission.

Opened by Mr. Karmenu Vella, European Commissioner for Environment, Maritime Affairs and Fisheries and organised with the assistance of the FARNET Support Unit, the conference offered an opportunity to witness first-hand the results of 42 local projects supported by Axis 4 of the European Fisheries Fund (EFF) and to explore the potential for Community-Led Local Development (CLLD) to face new challenges in coastal and fisheries communities. 

FABLABs: collaborate with local innovators and tomorrow’s Bluegrowth pioneers.

What is a FABLAB?

Imagine a local repair shed managed by DIY and IT enthusiasts. A place packed with digital fabrication tools such as 3Dprinters, open to anyone eager to learn, create, innovate and share its findings with the community. These are FABLABs, or FABrication LABoratories, and they are opening new ways for local communities to engage in innovation and reinvent the wider economy.


Why this matters for FLAGs?

Even the maritime economy is witnessing the birth of its first Maritime FABLABs: on land (@navlab) or at sea (@lab-rev), these could soon influence Bluegrowth innovation and its local ownership, and this is something FLAGs should be part of. When designing local partnerships for the next programming period, FABLABs could be local stakeholders to count on. These could hold key elements to help local economies innovate and bring tailor made answers to Bluegrowth challenges. This is why FARNET is encouraging you to meet with your nearest FABLAB.

How to find one?

To meet with your nearest FABLAB, take part to the “Axis4man eurotrip” game:

  1. Download the 3D model of the #Axis4man figure: this model can then be printed on a 3D printer
  2. Get in touch with a FABLAB near you, this is where you will find a 3D printer
  3. Share a picture of your #Axis4man on twitter or Facebook, and add your FLAG area to his Eurotrip!


For any question, get in touch with Serge Gomes da Silva at FARNET Support Unit : sgs {at }

FARNET Managing Authorities meeting 19-20.11.2014

Axis 4 Managing Authorities met in Brussels to exchange on key issues involved in finalising their EMFF Operational Programmes for the new period and moving towards implementation. The meeting included an update from DG Mare on the state of play with regards to programming CLLD under the different ESI funds, as well as a presentation on the Atlantic Action Plan and Atlantic Stakeholder platform, offering participants an opportunity to reflect on how their EMFF and CLLD strategies linked up with broader maritime basin strategies. The meeting then moved on to smaller, practical working groups addressing the following themes: FLAG transition and mobilising preparatory support; transferring the EMFF regulation into practice and National/Regional legislation; the steps to plan for when selecting the new round of FLAGs; and setting up national FLAG networks. A further session was dedicated to reflecting on the type of support MAs required in the future in order to be more effective in their programming and implementing of fisheries CLLD.

FARNET Newsletter 2014-11

  • Finnish FLAG visits Scottish counterparts
  • Polish FLAGs at the FSU
  • Parisienne fish and chic! 
  • Axis 4 in 4 minutes max 
  • A new website for the German national network
  • The first Axis 4 gaming app 
  • More about CLLD!
  • State of play: 8 818 projects and counting
  • Forthcoming events and activities
  • Other news

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Scottish FLAGs organise a cooperation tour for Finnish FLAG Osterbotten

A study group from the Österbotten FLAG in Finland came to visit Scotland as part of a networking and learning journey at the beginning of September this year.  The 30-strong group comprised fishermen, community members, industry representatives, project promoters, the Ostrobotnian Fisheries Association and a fishmonger.  The FLAG operates along the Ostrobothnian coastline in the Baltic Sea covering a stretch of 250-km on the west coast of Finland from Karleby in the north to Kristinestad in the south. Hundreds of islands make the area look like a big mosaic.