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Latvian conference on development in fisheries areas

From September 27-28, the Liepaja District Partnership’ FLAG, in cooperation with the Latvian Fisheries Network, will organise an international conference on ‘Fisheries Areas Development Possibilities’. The conference, which will take place in Pērkone, on the South-West Coast of Latvia, will bring together FLAG’s, fisheries sector representatives, local government representatives and social partners  to discuss and exchange experience on promoting sustainable development in fisheries areas. 

Specifically, it will look at FLAG development strategies, the benefits and challenges of Axis 4, as well as presenting good examples and promoting opportunities for cooperation. It will cover the development of coastal areas, looking at the challenges and possibilities in relation to the development of the fisheries sector, tourism seasonality, infrastructure and employment, and also the development of lake areas, looking at inland fisheries development, as well the diversification of local economies through the development of recreational fishing.

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