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Valorização dos produtos da pesca

"Km 0" brand for local sourcing - FLAG Litoral Norte - PT

“KM 0” is a branding initiative to promote local sourcing. It brings together stakeholders from the entire chain of actors involved in the production, processing, sales, marketing and consumption of fisheries products from the MinhoLima area.


Multi-functional fish restaurant, shop & work space - FLAG North Jutland - DK

After working for more than 7 years as an itinerant fishmonger, in 2009 Mogens Klausen decided to pursue his professional dream of setting-up his own restaurant, combined with a fish shop and a smoke house and workshop.



Fish from the boat - FLAG Aktivregion Ostseeküste - DE

This project has successfully linked increasing demand for fresh and local fish with the use of cheap and widespread IT technologies. The project developed a direct sales system for fish coming from the “AktivRegion Ostseeküste” (Baltic Sea Coast Active Region) that makes use of a dynamic website  Fishermen send details of their catch and their estimated landing time using their mobile phones via SMS to this website while at sea. Customers can then see where, when and what fish will be available for sale directly from the boat when it comes to port.


Supporting Orjaku Port - Hiiukala FLAG - EE

Axis 4 funding has contributed to the development of the port of Orjaku which is now a working fishing port and set to become more attractive for other sectors too.



Crab flavouring for export - FLAG Middle and North Jutland - DK

The economic and environmental problems caused by crab overpopulation in Limfjord turned into a business opportunity for a local food processor when a Japanese company showed interest in buying a flavour enhancer based on crab.


Focus on fisheries activities in Ostrobothnia, Finland

In Ostrobothnia, Finland, the fisheries sector is currently experiencing a period of intensive development, with notable successes in areas such as the tanning of fish skin, fishing for cyprinids and the processing of bream. This development is being supported by the local FLAG, which is seeking to promote small scale fisheries business and to develop the market for wild-caught fish.  

There is a strong demand for fish products in Finland and fish processing industries are generally doing well, but most of this demand is currently being met by farmed and imported fish. “A mere 7% of our fish consumption is from wild fish caught by professional fishermen,” explains  Guy Svanbäck, Executive Manager of the Ostrobothnian Fisheries Association.

High school project for sustainable fisheries - FLAG Lake Vänern - SE

This project supports the valorization of local species through an inclusive community initiative bringing together catering students, fishermen and local enterprises around a small but promising project to raise awareness and promote local and sustainable sourcing. 


Commercialisation of new goose barnacle products - FLAG Ria de Vigo-A Guarda - ES

In Galicia, barnacles have traditionally been gathered by fishermen and fisherwomen and sold only as a fresh product, with no processing or added value. This project, promoted by barnacle gatherers, aims to create new products from barnacles, a highly sought after shellfish in Spain. The new products include natural canned barnacles and barnacle pâté with seaweed. These products add value to the barnacle, especially the smaller sized barnacles, which are in less demand and usually sold for a lower price. 


Diversifying cockle picking - FLAG Costa da Morte - ES

This project is an example of an integrated chain of activities to raise awareness of the cockle picking tradition in the area and to improve the image of the product. The activities also add value to a fisheries product (cockles) and start to diversify the cockle pickers´ activities through tourism, training and product promotion.


Preparing a fish handling centre - FLAG Kainuu-Koillismaa - FI

Activities funded by Axis 4 played a crucial role in levering in larger investment from Axis 2 ofthe EFF and local municipal funds for the development of a €2.7 million fish handling centre in Kuusamo.

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