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Project examples - Environment, culture & society

FLAGs can create both the physical and the human conditions required for sustainable development in their areas by linking fisheries with the three main pillars of sustainable development: environment, culture and society. Many of the actions FLAGS can take in this field are valuable in their own right but they also permit local communities to organise their natural, cultural and social “assets” in a way that creates economic opportunities and jobs at a later stage. However, in the first instance, many of these kinds of investments are “premarket” or “non-productive” and are mostly financed by public funds.

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Fishermen's role in the design of a MPA 

Tackling water pollution

Aquamar: a new method of water purification new

A future for the eel, fishermen and researchers cooperate

Developing seal-safe trap-nets  

Studying fisheries sustainability 

Going organic: a new image for carp new



Food and fisheries festival

Art and fisheries festival

À l’Ostendaise menu 

Community Seafood Officer new



Jobs for injured fishermen 

Women entrepreneurs in Andalusia’s fisheries areas 

Fisheries, Angling & Education

School project for sustainable fisheries

Attracting young people to professional fishing 

Business & accounting training for fishing families 

Getting young people into commercial sea fishing new

EMPREAMAR – business mentoring and coaching new

Fish training for future chefs new



Fishermen's Village

Orjaku Port