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Project examples - Diversification


Diversification covers a whole range of activities that can strengthen the local economies of fisheries areas by providing alternative or additional sources of income. The starting point of such projects is fishing and closely related activities. However, FLAGs will normally try to build on the economy, skills and culture of fisheries in order to create momentum which spreads into other activities throughout the area. In this sense, we can talk of a “development spiral” or “virtuous circle” that, once put in motion, gathers new energy with every turn. The following projects offer some examples of diversification activities that are being supported under Axis 4.

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Fish skin tanning

Fishmeal from fish waste 

Vendace by-products

'Pilado' crab for biomedicine 


Pescatourisme 83 

Mar Galaica: coordinating & promoting fisheries-related tourism 

Developing a recreation area

Seatrout Fyn - online promotion of fishing tourism

Tourism training for fishermen 

À l’Ostendaise menu  

Benboa: restaurant, bar & delicatessen 

Hotel “A de Lolo”  new

“Put ‘n’ Take” recreational fishery new


New activities and products

Production of edible seaweed 

The dining room of the sea

Fishermen's organisation diversifies its ice production

Diversifying captures

Aquamar: a new method of water purification new

Mistral sweet factory and café  new