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Project examples - Adding value to fisheries products

In the face of rising production costs and increasing competition from imports, developing actions to add value to local fisheries and aquaculture products is a key component in many FLAG strategies. Most local projects for adding value to fisheries products aim to close the gap between fishing and consumers and to improve veritcal links between actors at different points on the fisheries supply chain. They should also seek to maximize synergies with other investments in processing and marketing supported, for example under Axis 2 of the EFF. The following projects offer some examples of such actions that are being supported under Axis4.

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Direct sales & Short Circuits


O melhor peixe do mundo new

Fish all days new

Drecklyfish: selling local seafood on twitter for online fish sales 

“Bagenkop Fish” cooperative trading company new

Fish from the Auction  

Fish from the boat 

Seafood Baskets  

Jammerbugt Boat Shop new

"KM 0" brand for local sourcing

Stockholm fish market - local fishermen take the town  new


New products

Currican: artisanal canning  new

Goose barnacle products & commercialisation 

Crab flavouring for export

Smoked weever fish

Going organic: a new image for carp new

Extending shrimp life span new


Support to businesses

Arrainetik: cooperative processing plant  new

Attracting young people to professional fishing new

Benboa: restaurant, bar & delicatessen   

Preparing a fish handling centre 

Multi-functional restaurant, shop & work space

EMPREAMAR – business mentoring and coaching new



Promotion & awareness raising 

À l’Ostendaise Menu  

Diversifying cockle picking

School project for sustainable fisheries

Promoting fish markets & a fish culture

Fishing festivals and activities