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Supporting Orjaku Port - Hiiukala FLAG - EE

Axis 4 funding has contributed to the development of the port of Orjaku which is now a working fishing port and set to become more attractive for other sectors too.



This project is a long term dream-come-true for local fishermen and tourism businesses of the area who struggled to operate given the lack of infrastructure or amenities to moor boats or access the sea. By working in close cooperation with the Hiiukala FLAG and local municipality, fishermen and tourism providers have embarked on a three phase project to put in place the conditions for local businesses to operate more effectively. The first phase involved the upgrading of the Orjaku quay while the second phase saw the installation of the necessary infrastructure for services such as water and electricity. The third and final phase will involve the development of facilities for fishermen and leisure users (fishermen´s rooms, storage rooms for gear, refrigeration equipment and facilities for catch storage). The improved facilities will improve the viability of fishing in the area and aim to encourage businesses to diversify into other maritime activities.

Key lessons 

Relevance to FARNET themes: Adding value to fisheries products and diversification in the form of tourism.

Results: The implementation of the project is intended to improve the fishery-related employment and income-generating opportunities in the local area. The port developments aim to help alleviate the problem of unemployment in the region and ensure the continuity of the island way of life. The functioning fishing port will also benefit other sectors (e.g. services, by expanding the potential synergies between tourism and fisheries) and the local community, thereby increasing the value of the entire region as one that is valuable for tourists to visit and also as a place of residence for local people.

Transferability: Issues of under-employment and outdated or non-existent infrastructure in fishing communities are common to many fisheries areas around Europe. This project offers a model for those fisheries areas with aspirations of improving their infrastructure to learn from a phased development model with coordination and participation of relevant stakeholders.

Final Comment: This port development is a good example of collaboration between the local FLAG, the municipality and the regional government, together with a significant input from local businesses and NGOs. It is hoped that the development of the port into a modern facility will encourage the region to be seen as one that has a future and is a good place to settle down. The intention is that the conditions will create good opportunities to encourage young fishermen to relocate to the area or remain in the area and help preserve the local fishing trade.

Total cost and EFF contribution

Total Project cost: € 536 980

  • EFF Axis 4: € 355 536
  • National co-financing: € 111 845
  • Other public matching funding (municipality):  € 89 599       


Project information

Title: Supporting Orjaku Port
Duration: 3 years

phase one: Feb – September 2011

phase two July – November 2011

phase three due for completion in December 2013

Case study date: February 2012

Project promoter:
Käina Municipality
Ms. Ilmi Aksli 

ilmi.aksli (at)

+372 53420425
Hiiukala FLAG factsheet