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The future of local development in fisheries areas (post-2013) - “How to improve the impact of EU interventions at local level”: Brussels, 12-13 April 2011

More than 120 participants took part in this “laboratory” event, including FLAG representatives from around Europe and a variety of other EU stakeholders. Representatives from EFF managing authorities, the European Commission (DG MARE, AGRI, REGIO and EMPL) and FARNET experts also took part. All engaged in a lively and constructive two day discussion on:

- How to strengthen and improve Axis 4 in the next programming period and

- How to ensure better coordination between the Local Development initiatives of the different Funds post-2013 (future EFF, EAFRD (Leader), ERDF, ESF). 


Representatives of DG MARE, DG AGRI, DG REGIO and DG EMPL put forward their preliminary proposals on how they intend to support Local Development in the next programming period. The joint approach of the four DGs for coordination of Local Development at EU level was also presented. The Commission also explained its approach to strategic programming, including a Common Strategic Framework, which would address the issue of coordination of Local Development funding from EAFRD, EFF, ERDF and ESF.  The input and opinions from the different participants will feed into the preparations for the next programming period. 


Overview of the event and presentations


Full report of the event 

Day 1: Tuesday April 12

Preparing the ground for the sustainable development of fisheries areas in the next period. 

14.00 - 15.30

PlenaryHow to strengthen the sustainable development of fisheries areas

Presentations on the goals and future of Axis 4


Parallel Workshops Round 1:  How to make local development work better in different kinds of fisheries areas

Workshops to share information about the types of intervention currently taking place in different kinds of fisheries areas and to start to identify aspects that can be strengthened

Day 2: Wednesday, April 13

Mobilising the full potential of EU interventions in fisheries areas. 

09.00 - 10.30

Report back from the workshops (day1):

Plenary: Setting the scene for local development in the next period

Presentations from the three main Directorates-General involved in local development outlining their preliminary ideas for the future

 Outline of the typologies of areas and partnerships in Axis 4 of EFF 


11.00 - 12.20

Parallel workshops Round 2. Strengthening the building blocks of local development

Workshops focusing on three essential building blocks of local development – how to define the areas, how to strengthen partnerships and how to build integrated strategies. The aim is to help participants identify common ground for strengthening local development based upon an understanding of the diversity that exists between both areas and programmes.

12.20 - 13.30

Report back from the workshops (day2): available soon

Conclusions and next steps


Pictures of the event