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"FLAGs on the move", Gijon, Spain, 24-26 March 2010

More than 150 people, representing 90 Fisheries Local Action Groups (FLAGs) as well as Axis 4 Managing Authorities and other stakeholders from across the EU, met in Gijon (Spain) on the 24-26 March 2010. The "FLAGs on the move" seminar provided participants in Axis 4 with a first opportunity to network and exchange views on topics of common interest. In particular, four thematic workshops focused on issues relating to strategies, partnerships, links with LEADER, and attracting private investment. 

A further 18 parallel sessions provided an opportunity for small groups of participants to discuss more specific issues, such as direct sales and short circuits, pescatourism, mentoring, national networks, social capital, communications, cooperation between farmers and fishers, and women in fisheries. 

Based on these discussions, participants  identified the following priorities for fisheries areas and FLAGs: 1. diversification; 2. adding value to fisheries products; 3. active project development tools; 4. building networks; and 5. projects for priority target groups - particularly women. Given the diversity of FLAGs, the building of formal or informal networks at European, national, regional and local level was considered by many to be the main added value of FARNET. These priorities will now be taken on board in the second annual work programme of the FARNET Support Unit.

Summary report of the meeting 

FARNET Guide #2: Cooperation

List of participants 
DAY 1: Wednesday, March 24 2010
16.00-20.00Registration & National group meeting, bilateral contacts

DAY 2: Thursday, March 25 2010



Ernesto Peñas Lado, Director, Directorate General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, European Commission

Juan Ignacio Gandarias Serrano, General Director of Fisheries Regulation, Ministry of the Environment and Rural and Marine Affairs, Spanish Government

Marcelino Menendez Cuervo, Director General of Fisheries, Regional Government of Asturias


State of play of Axis 4 in the European Union

Presentation by Christine Falter and Jean-Pierre Vercruysse, Directorate General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, European Commission 


Introduction to the programme and objectives of the event

Presentation by Paul Soto, Team Leader, FARNET Support Unit 


Discussion panel: challenges of fisheries areas

Panel members:

  • Susana González Alvarez, Director of the Association of Goose Barnacles Gatherers, Baiona, Spain
  • Peter Sand Mortensen, Former fishermen’s representative at the International Transport Federation (ITF) ,Board Member of the “FLAG Nord” in Denmark
  • Jean-Michel Labrousse, Chairman of the Fisheries Committee of Arcachon, Board Member of the FLAG “Bassin d’Arcachon”, France
Moderator: Peter Ramsden, Member of the FARNET Advisory Group and expert on community initiatives (see summary report)

11.15- 11.30

Address by Manuel Aurelio Martin Gonzalez, Regional Minister for Rural Affairs and Fisheries, Principality of Asturias (see summary report)




Parallel thematic working groups

        how to link project selection to the objectives of the strategy

Case study: Géraldine Caprani, Manager, Rivages Pyrénées – Méditerranée FLAG (France)

Moderator: Paul Soto, FARNET Support Unit

        how to create a dynamic and balanced partnership

Case study: Laura Nieto, Manager, FLAG of Ria de Pontevedra (Galicia, Spain)

Moderator: Urszula Budzich-Szukala, FARNET Support Unit

         how to build links with Leader

Case study: Anastassios Perimenis, Manager, Lesvos Local Development Company S.A. (Greece) 

Moderator: John Grieve, FARNET Support Unit 

        how to encourage viable private investment

Case study: Søren Holm, Manager, Vestjylland FLAG (Denmark)

Moderator: Gilles van de Walle, FARNET Support Unit  


17.00-18.00Introduction to the Open Space method (see summary report)
DAY 3: Friday, March 26

Open Space on working together and cooperation

--work in small flexible groups (see summary report)

11.15 - 12.15

Needs analysis

 – an interactive exercise based on needs and possibilities for support identified during the event 

Presentation by John Grieve and Gilles Van de Walle  
15.15 - 13.30Concluding session: panel on support systems and conclusions (see summary report)
15.30 - 19.00

Study visit

Presentation by Fernando Manuel Garcia 

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