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Fisheries, angling and education - FLAG From Salaca to Ruja - LV

Initiated by a local angling and tourism organisation, this project aims to revitalise the area around Lake Burtnieku which has a large but unexploited fishing potential, and to raise awareness about fishing, angling, health and the environment.


The Association “Burtnieku Angling and Tourism School” manages the angling and recreation centre, “Vecates”, offering equipment rental, accommodation and attractions for tourists. In cooperation with several local tourism and environmental organisations, it organises events around angling to educate young people and promote the area. The project supported by Axis 4 involves training children and youth in angling and environmental protection, including theoretical and practical sessions as well as educational games. Through the purchase of equipment and the creation of small-scale recreational infrastructure it has enabled the angling and tourism school to diversify its services and increase the number of visitors. It also creates demand for food, accommodation, tourism and fishing equipment in the area.

Key lessons
>Relevance to FARNET themes: Diversification of fisheries areas, tourism, education, strengthening local cooperation
>Results: Following the project implementation, the tourist season was very successful for the association, with approximately 3 500 visitors, significantly more than expected. As a result, one full-time and one parttime job were created. The training offered to children also proved interesting for many parents. Taking into account the increased interest, the association is now planning to expand its activities and intends to apply for EFF support to organise angling summer camps.
> Transferability: The project is low cost and can be implemented around public waters in other regions, provided fish stocks and local enthusiasts exist in the area. It also demonstrates the importance of good cooperation between various local NGOs. The involvement of angling champions and popular TV characters, as well as the strong focus on young people, are highlighted as key elements of success.
> Final Comment: Implementation of the project helped to revive a territory that was not economically active, attracting tourists, holiday guests and providing high quality training to young people.

Total cost and EFF contribution

Total Project cost: €16 800

  • EFF Axis 4: €11 400 
  • National co-financing: €3 800
  • Other/ Private: €1 600 


Project information:

Title: Development of services for fisheries and tourism 

Duration: 2011
Case study date: January 2012

Project promoter:
Burtnieku Angling and Tourism School
Coordinator: Inga Mickevica
mpojars (at)
Telephone: +371 29456900
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