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Pescatourism, angling and recreation



Proposed cooperation:  Developing fish product culinary heritage /Recreational fishing development in inland waters

FLAG info: Ignalina District FLAG, Lithuania

Contact person: Edmundas Kilkus

Address: Alteities 19-28, Ignalina, LT-30114

E-mail: e.kilkus (at)

Phone(s): +370 685 11205


Language(s): Lithuanian, Russian, English

Proposed cooperation: Recreation fishing competition between inland FLAGs aimed at exchange of experiences and promotion of territory

FLAG info: FLAG „High Western Rhodopes”, Bulgaria

Contact person: Nebi Kehaya

E-mail: kehayanebi (at)

Language(s): English

Proposed cooperation: Inland fishing for tourists

FLAG info: Pojezierze Dobiegniewskie FLAG, Poland

Contact person: Andrzej Kuczyoski

Address: ul. Dembowskiego 2, 66-520 Dobiegniew, Poland

E-mail: a.kuczynski (at)

Phone: +48 692 720 710


Language(s): English

Proposed cooperation: Cooperation about „Put and take” and pescatourism

FLAG info: FLAG Vestjylland

Contact person: Søren HolmAddress: Bredgade 77, DK-6940 Lem

E-mail: sho (at)

Phone(s): +45 99 75 26 02, +34 41 19 79 56


Language(s): English

Proposed cooperation: Pesca-tourism in archipelago (see also 7.5)

FLAG info: Fiskeområde Tornedalen

Contact person: Börje Rytiniemi

Address: Matarengiv. 21, 95731 Ővertorneå, Sweden

E-mail: borje (at)

Phone: +46 70 2693820


Language(s): Swedish, English, Finnish