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Pescado artesanal is an online platform and a communication campaign to increase the consumption of artisanal seafood. The online platform pools products of four auctions, making local seafood more accessible to buyers.

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The area of the Pontevedra FLAG is home to four fish and seafood auctions predominately marketing artisanal fishery. Despite each auction’s specialisation, competition from the bigger Vigo fish auction is fierce and these smaller auctions face difficulties to attract customers. Sales volumes decrease, ultimately threatening the viability of these markets and leading to lower prices.

The objective of the project was to increase the attractiveness of the local seafood offer and link different parts of the value chain (fishermen, auctions, fishmongers, distributors, restaurants and consumers).

The key activity of the project was to develop an online sales platform ( that virtually pools the supply of the auctions and thereby offers a wider range of products to potential customers. This platform instantly informs fish buyers what will be available at these four auctions via a unique information point.

The platform was set up by the FLAG on behalf of the Cofradias but its day-to-day running is now in the hands of the trained members of these associations. Fishermen send information on their daily catch via their mobile to the platform which then informs the auction hall and buyers in real time.  Buyers can make online orders which will be processed by a respective auction hall (indeed the national legislation prevents direct selling, requiring all fish caught by Spanish vessels to be sold through auctions). Consumers can also place orders via the platform which will then be processed by the registered buyers.

In parallel, creating a collective brand Pescado Artesanal ensured coherence when communicating on local seafood offers. Fishmongers and restaurants buying from the platform are encouraged to use the brand to highlight their local sourcing. Other promotional activities were also carried out, including a publicity campaign targeting local schools and consumers, as well as cooking classes for students and seafood customers. The platform also provides information about the local fleet, production methods, links with the maritime national park and where to purchase local fish.

  • Results:
    Two of the four auctions halls reported increases in their average annual prices since the start of the project (the Bueu auction notably by over 50%), while prices have stabilized for the other two auctions. The online sales platform has attracted new buyers on national and even international levels, which could lead to a new distribution scheme for Pescado Artesanal products.

    The number of sales made via the platform remain modest but it is used as an information source by about 50 fishmongers. The platform attracts around 500 visits every two weeks and has more than 1000 followers on social media.

    The project created new links throughout the seafood chain (fishmongers, fishermen, restaurants…) and trained fishermen to use new technologies required for the platform. The brand name is used by ten restaurants and 20 fishmongers.

  • Transferability: The various aspects of the project (sales and promotional platform and campaign) can be used by any territory looking to increase the visibility of its seafood offer and thereby increase sales and consumption. This project is especially relevant to areas where the supply of seafood is fragmented and spread over its territory.

  • Lessons: Success factors included the development of an integrated platform adapted to the specificity of the territory and its production sector. IT training and the use of mobile technologies were key in fostering ownership of the platform by local producers who were then able to use manage it from their smartphones.

  • Contribution to CLLD objective: Adding value along the fisheries supply chain
Logo of the online sale platform  Campaign to promote the launch of the platform

Total project cost and EU contribution

Total project cost: €67 719.51
The project was funded by the running cost of the FLAG

- EFF contribution: €50 789.63

- Other public contribution: €16 929.88

Project information

Official project title in Member State language:
Official project title in translated into EN:

Implementation duration: July 2013 – December 2015

Case study date: November 2016

Pontevedra FLAG
President: José Antonio Gómez Castro; FLAG manager: Laura Nieto Zas
gacpontevedra (at)
+32 886 21 30 15
Website:   Facebook: Pescado Artesanal
Website:   Facebook: GAC Ría de Pontevedra

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Key words: sales platform, promotion, local fish, artisanal fishing, adding value to the local catch