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Seatrout Fyn - Online promotion of fishing tourism - FLAG Fyn - DK

The initiative, “Seatrout Fyn”, run by the ten municipalities of the Danish island of Funen, received Axis 4 support for the development of a website to promote the island as a location for recreational sea trout fishing. The multilingual website aims to provide a comprehensive range of information to make recreational fishing holidays in the area a success. The goal is to establish Funen as “the best place for inshore fishing”.


Fyn (or Funen in English) is the third largest island in Denmark and home to 8.25% of the Danish population. The decline in its fishing sector, mainly due to pollution and pressure on stocks, and the potential of the area to  develop new economic activities (especially in tourism) encouraged the local actors to start exploring other  fields of activity. In this context, about 10 years ago the ten Fyn municipalities put in place an integrated plan to  foster the sustainable development of the area, based on two key pillars: the diversification of the local economy towards blue tourism (with a focus on recreational fishing); and the protection of the environmental for local development. This includes working closely with professional fishermen to reduce the impact of their activities on the local environment as well as supporting a local fish hatchery to help repopulate the area with seatrout.

The Axis 4 initiative, Seatrout Fyn, built on this strategy and included the creation of a website to provide potential customers with information about the marine tourism offer. The website provides information on fishing in the area (angling from the shore and shallow waters), fishing courses and fishing gear shops as well as the best fishing spots depending on the season of the year. In addition, users can find information on local transport, restaurants and accommodation.

Key lessons

> Relevance to FARNET themes: Diversification of fisheries areas, tourism, strengthening local cooperation
> Results: One part-time web editor position has already been created by the project and the local economic stakeholders now have a key promotional and communication tool that has so far received over 67 000 visits (approximately 4 600 per month). The project promoter has high hopes that this tool will help attract tourists to the FLAG area who in turn can find all the information necessary to plan and enjoy their stay.
> Transferability: The project is transferrable to areas with potential for recreational fishing and tourism in general. On the other hand, the project needs solid cooperation between the local actors (both public and private) and a strong commitment to environmental conservation within plans to develop the local economy.
> Final Comment: An integrated tourism project offering visitors information not only on the area´s fishing but on places to stay, places to eat and how to get around.

Total cost and EFF contribution

Total Project cost: €84 000

  • EFF Axis 4: €21 000
  • National/Regional co-financing: €21 000
  • Other/ Private: €42 000

Project information:

Title:Online promotion of fishing tourism
Duration: Website development from July 2009 - January 2011
Case study date: April 2012

Project promoter:
Seatrout Fyn, Odense Municipality
+45 6613 1372
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