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FARNET Newsletter 2014-05

  • Sweden to apply CLLD to all ESI funds
  • Axis 4 in Croatia
  • Cooperation between Portuguese and English FLAGs
  • Boat stories from North Devon
  • Seaweed ice cream on the move
  • Much to 'sea' in the Shetlands
  • Inseparable Greece
  • New FARNET guide
  • Study highlights the benefits of Axis 4
  • The fish recognition app
  • State of play: 8 139 projects and counting
  • Forthcoming events and activities
  • Other news

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Research into the sustainability of the small-scale coastal fishery of the Gulf of Finland

ESKO FLAG covers the coastal region of the Gulf of Finland. This is an area with a long tradition of professional small-scale coastal fishing, though the number of registered full-time fishermen has been steadily declining over the past 25 years and it is increasingly difficult to get new and younger people to continue this traditional activity.

In recent years, questions have been raised about the sustainability of fishing activities in this area. Notably, WWF Finland publishes a yearly consumer guide, which classifies the main types of fish caught in this area, especially salmon and whitefish, as endangered, threatened or protected species, and recommends consumers not to buy them. To compound the problem, there are also some conflicts between fishing professionals, recreational fishing and fishing tourism concerning the exploitation of fish stocks in the area. 

However, the fishermen believed their way of fishing was sustainable and contacted the WWF to discuss the problem. WWF was invited to meet with local fishermen to see how they worked and fish and get a better understanding of their profession. Following the encounter, WWF suggested the fishermen assess their practices using the MSC standards for sustainability and, why not try to get certified by this label. 

Sweden: Using technical assistance to help FLAGs in final reporting and capacitation for next period

In Sweden, the Swedish Board of Agriculture is the Managing Authority for Leader and Axis 4 of EFF. A first effort by the MA to simplify the FLAGs’ closure processes, reporting and self-evaluation has been to produce a final activity report have been made available to FLAGs by the Managing Authority. Additionally, it launched in February 2014 the first steps of a series of actions and events aiming to help the FLAGs to produce an analysis and evaluation of their work in the previous period, to be used in several ways such as final report, report for co-financers, but also as ground material for the SWOT and strategy for the next period.

FARNET Managing Authorities meeting 25-26.03.2014

 The FARNET Managing Authorities meeting on 25-26 March 2014 focused on preparing for CLLD in the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF) for 2014-2020. The core activity was the “OP clinic”, an in-depth analysis of the different sections of the EMFF Operational Programme followed a series of small group discussions aimed to identify and address key questions the MAs had in relation to programming Union Priority 4 of the EMFF: increasing employment and territorial cohesion in fisheries areas. The discussion themes included identification of needs and objectives, describing the national approach to fisheries CLLD, defining selection criteria for FLAGs, ensuring adequate funding and determining the role of different actors in the delivery chain. There was also an exchange about different MA approaches to capacity building and preparatory support for FLAGs in order to ensure high quality local partnerships and strategies.

FARNET Newsletter 2014-03

  • Tools to prepare CLLD in 2014-2020
  • Women entrepreneurs and FLAGs meet in Andalusia
  • Mapping FLAGs and their projects
  • Students help to develop a FLAG logo
  • Inseparable!
  • F@RNET. apps
  • State of play: 6 498 projects and counting
  • Forthcoming events and activities
  • Other news

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FARNET Newsletter 2014-01

  • CLLD in the future - cooperation in and beyond Europe
  • Community aquaculture in France
  • Connecting fishermen and their families in Andalusia, Spain
  • The growth of pesca-tourism in the EU
  • Seventy inspiring Axis 4 tourism projects
  • F@RNET. apps
  • State of play: 6 353 projects and counting
  • Forthcoming events and activities
  • Other news

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Telling the Story: is CLLD something to eat?

The conference "Telling the Story – Communicating European Structural and Investment Funds 2014-2020" was organised by the European Commission in Brussels on 9-10 December 2013. More than 700 participants, from and outside the EU, took part to this event co-organised by DG-REGIO, DG-EMPL, DG-AGRI and DG-MARE of the European Commission.

Cooperation project - Integrated Coastal Management

The Italian dello Stretto FLAG from Calabria is urgently looking for partners for a transnational cooperation project called SHADES, or “Sustainable and Holistic Approaches to Development in European Seaboards”. The project focuses on Integrated Coastal Management (ICM and aims to facilitate an exchange of information and know-how on ICM and develop guidelines for mainstreaming integrated coastal management in partners’ areas. Please contact the FLAG by the 23rd December 2013 if this area of work is of interest to you. 

Cooperation proposal - Integrated Coastal Management  

EC - World Bank Exchange Workshop on Community-Led Local Development, November 2013

Community-Led or Community-Driven Local Development?

In recent years, the World Bank has invested significantly in evaluating its Community-Driven Development (CDD) programmes. This workshop was organised by the European Commission and FARNET in Brussels on November 8th 2013 with a view to exchanging on both approaches and building up on mutual benefits.


FARNET Newsletter 2013-11

  • New guide on CLLD for local actors
  • Axis 4 in a nutshell
  • Successful programming
  • Fourth meeting of French FLAGs
  • EP report assesses FLAGs' gender performance
  • Communities and sustainable rural tourism
  • F@RNET. apps
  • Dealing with conflict of interest in Axis 4
  • 222 FLAG factsheets now available
  • State of play: 6 228 projects and counting
  • Forthcoming events and activities
  • Other news

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