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Proposed cooperation: we have a fishery information and entertainment centre (theatre, cafeteria, tourist  info, shop, exhibition).

FLAG info: Bremerhaven, Germany

Topics: linkage between fishery-exhibition, exchange of exhibitions? ...

Contact person: Michael Gerber

Address: FBG mbH, Lengstraße 1, 27572 Bremerhaven, Germany

E-mail: gerber (at)

Phone(s): +49 471 97 32 152, +49 151 12 70 77 62 

Language(s): German, English

Proposed cooperation: Pilots making fisherboat multifunctional and develop skills of fishermen (offshore, recreation, nature management, control, pescatourism, housing, education)

FLAG info: Noord-Holland, Netherlands

Contact person: Stephan Melis

Address: P.B. 3007, 2001 DA Haarlem, The Netherlands

E-mail: meliss (at)

Phone: +31 6 24670177

Language(s): Dutch, German, English