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Governance and Management

Past evaluations have shown that one of the main advantages of local development programmes, like LEADER and Axis 4, is that they help to provide relatively fragmented communities with an organisational platform, a voice and a channel of communication to those areas of government and policy that affect their future. This involves operating at two different levels, each of which will receive attention in this part of the web.

Groups, for example, have to consider how their own governance structures (the FLAG) relates to other organisations at both local and wider levels. For instance, how do they coordinate with Producer Organisations, local and regional resource management systems, other Local Development partnerships such as LEADER groups as well as the bodies intervening in broader maritime policy and integrated coastal zone management (ICZM).

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Working with Fisheries organisations

Tackling water pollution


Working with protected areas

Fishermen's role in the design of a MPA


Delivery models

Axis 4 in Finland

Axis 4 in Denmark