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FLAG factsheet - Poland - Opole region

Offical name: 
LGR Opolszczyzna
Opole region
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Description of the area and its main challenges

The Opole Region FLAG was created as a result of an initiative of NGOs (angling and fishing associations) and businesses – large fish farms, as well as 11 municipalities in the Opole voivodship. The area is characterized by its agricultural and forestry activities and has a well-developed water network, based around the Odra River and its tributaries. There are also many artificial water reservoirs (including the Turawa Lake) and large areas under fish ponds. At present, these are used mainly to produce carp (ca. 1265 tonnes, i.e. 8% of the national production) and trout (27 tonnes). Approximately 90% of the fish currently produced in the Opole region is sold in the period before Christmas, mainly via supermarkets. There is also an increasing interest in gutted carp, which is a break with the tradition of buying live carp in the Christmas season. It is very important for the area to diversify the carp market through promotion of carp consumption all the year round. This requires the development of a distribution network, the building of fish processing plants and the development of infrastructure for the direct sales of fish from the farm, including fish-frying stands, angling sites and accompanying facilities (for accommodation, gastronomy and recreation).

Population:  97 493                                                                          Employment in fisheries: 120

Surface area/km²: 1607                                                                  Coastal or inland: inland

Population Density/ Inhabitants/ km²: 62                                 Protected areas: Landscape Park, Natura 2000 sites, protected landscape area, natural reserve, monumental trees, and historical parks constitute 75% of the FLAG area.

Main focus of FLAG strategy

The main aims of the FLAG are: to develop the fisheries sector, improve the quality of life and the attractiveness of the area through developing a local market for fish, promote entrepreneurship and job creation outside fishing, develop infrastructure and services for tourism and recreation, in particular related to ponds, revitalize local villages, and protect important monuments and the environment.

Environmental management (1-5, where 5 is high priority and 1 is low priority): 5

Improving the competitiveness of the fisheries sector (1-5): 5

Diversification into other activities (1-5): 4

Improving quality of life (1-5): 4

Project examples and ideas

- A meeting place with a museum of inland fishing traditions;
- The purchase of specialised vehicles for the direct sale of fish;
- The restoration and stocking of natural reservoirs.


Lead partner or Responsible Legal Entity:  Opole Region FLAG Association

Other key actors/organisations in the partnership: 11 municipalities (Lasowice Wielkie, Lewin Brzeski, Murów, Pokój, Świerczów, Popielów, Niemodlin, Tułowice, Ozimek, Turawa and Zębowice), fish farms, the Polish Anglers Association – Opole branch, the Polish Fishermen’s Association – Opole branch, and other NGOs.

Links with LEADER: the FLAG cooperates with a local LAG in order to jointly develop the area, through participation in an independent local association.

% of public actors (on the decision-making board): 35      

% of fisheries actors: 50      

% of other (non-fisheries) private / NGO sector actors: 15

% of environmental actors: 0

Number of individuals/organisations in partnership: 81

Number of individuals on main decision-making body: 20

Number of contracted staff in FLAG: 6


Total public budget of FLAG 2007-2013:                € 5 400 000 (PLN 22 200 000)

EFF:                                                                            € 4 600 000 (PLN 18 870 000) 

Other public (national/ regional/ provincial):              €    800 000 (PLN   3 330 000)

FLAG Manager: 
Aleksandra Czerkawska
Other contact: 
President: Jakub Roszuk
Biestrzynnik, ul. Poliwodzka 16, 46-043 Dylaki, Poland
kontakt.lgropolszczyzna (at)
+48 77 403 31 72
Languages spoken: 
Polish, English