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FLAG factsheet - Poland - Kaszuby

Offical name: 
Lokalna Grupa Rybacka Kaszuby
Description of the area and its main challenges

The Kaszuby FLAG covers the area of the so-called “Swiss Kaszuby”, in the Kartuzy powiat (county), located in the north-eastern part of the Pomorskie region. The area has highly varied terrain with considerable differences in altitude. There are many lakes containing valuable fish species. Besides lakes, the main natural and landscape asset of the area are its forests. The Kaszuby Landscape Park protects many of the area´s natural, cultural and landscape assets.

Population: 86 178 inhabitants Employment in fisheries: 169

Surface area/km²: 957 Coastal or inland: inland

Population Density/ Inhabitants/ km²: 90 Protected areas: The Kaszuby Landscape park covers a total area of 33 202 hectares, 93% of which is included in the FLAG area. There are also Natura 2000 areas.

Main focus of FLAG strategy

The main priorities of the Kaszuby FLAG include the economic development of the area while maintaining its fisheries character and protecting its fishing tradition and the cultural heritage of the Kaszuby people. The FLAG will support activities aiming to stop degradation of the water ecosystem and improve quality of life. The supported operations are expected to contribute to the protection of the environment and natural heritage, strengthening competitiveness and maintaining the attractiveness of the area as well as developing services for the local community.

Environmental Management (1-5, where 5 is high priority and 1 is low priority): 5

Improving the competitiveness of the fisheries sector (1-5): 4

Diversification into other activities (1-5): 3

Project examples and ideas

- limiting water pollution and the amount of waste in the direct catchment area

- creating a system of monitoring the water ecosystem and the direct catchment area, and increasing environmental awareness in the context of water ecosystem and catchment area protection among inhabitants, opinion leaders and tourists

- promotion of the FLAG area

- protecting Kaszuby fishing tradition and cultural heritage 

- diversifying incomes and employment for people linked to the fisheries sector through creating additional jobs outside the sector

- developing infrastructure to improve the quality of life of the FLAG inhabitants, especially those areas most dependent on fishing

- improving tourist attractiveness of the area by developing small-scale tourist infrastructure


Lead partner or Responsible Legal Entity: Kaszuby FLAG
Other key actors/organisations in the partnership: representatives of public sector (6 municipalities, 1 county administration); Kaszubski Popular University, Angling association and Hunting Association representing social sector; the economic sector is represented by 27 persons/entities, including hotels, restaurants, local tour-operators.
Links with LEADER: the FLAG area overlaps with the area of the Leader LAG Stowarzyszenie Turystyczne Kaszuby in its part within the Kartuzy county. The aims of the two strategies, FLAG’s and LAG’s, are coherent and show synergies. Both strategies, through their integrated approach, can be an effective tool of development of the micro-region, while keeping in mind the principles of sustainable development and respect for the cultural heritage.
% of public actors (on the decision-making board): 32

% of fisheries actors: 52

% of other (non-fisheries) private / NGO sector actors: 16

%of environmental actors: 0%
Number of individuals/organisations in partnership: 131

Number of individuals on main decision-making body: 25

Number of contracted staff in FLAG: 3


Total public budget of FLAG 2007-2013: €10 800 000

EFF: €8 100 000

Other public (national):  €2 700 000

FLAG Manager: 
Ewelina Lila
Other contact: 
President: Marek Byczkowski
Wieżyca 1, 83-315 Szymbark, Poland.
biuro (at) e.lila (at)
+48 530 530 733, + 48 533 500 541
Languages spoken: 
Polish, English